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What Is CognitIOn?

CognitIOn by Modern Hire™ is our talent intelligence. It drives our research, innovation, and the scientists behind it who are committed to creating new and practical ways of measuring and understanding human performance.

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CognitIOn Is the Future of Talent Acquisition

Built on the principles of industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology, CognitIOn is powered by more than a billion candidate interactions, practical application of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, and almost two decades of diligent, data-driven client research and practice.​ More than AI promises and data points, CognitIOn is the deepest and broadest talent intelligence available for hiring that is more efficient, effective, ethical, and engaging.

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“CognitIOn captures the unique way Modern Hire leads with candidate transparency, combatting bias, and a foundation of theoretical science. It is refreshing evidence of how they are approaching hiring in a different way than other vendors.”

Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

Leading brands everywhere trust Modern Hire science and technology to transform their hiring.

Seriously Better Hiring

Modern Hire’s intelligent hiring platform is rigorously designed to predict success and offer a seamless experience for friction-free hiring. Discover how our advanced selection science and automated interview tools can build your most engaged, qualified, and diverse workforce ever.