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What a Hiring Platform Offers Over Traditional Hiring

Just over 12 months ago, 2,800 recruiters made two predictions about the next five years:

  • Keeping up with rapidly changing hiring needs would be the #1 priority in talent acquisition, and 
  • Better recruiting tools and technology would be the #1 performance booster for recruiting

These recruiters are looking rather good! Now more than ever, a hiring platform is essential for responding to changing hiring environments with stellar performance. With AI and predictive analytics, automated workflows, and a more candidate-centric experience, an enterprise hiring platform like Modern Hire creates specific advantages that recruiters can’t access through traditional hiring. 

Advantage #1: Better, Data-Driven Hiring Decisions 

One of the most exciting areas of transformation in hiring is AI-powered pre-employment assessments and predictive analytics as part of a hiring platform. With advances in machine learning and deep learning, recruiters can pinpoint the candidates most likely to have on-the-job success based on what on-the-job success looks like in their organization. When the talent pool is large, stratifying candidates with predictive analytics allows recruiters to get to high-potential candidates faster and focus more of their time on engaging the most viable candidates.

Predictive analytics applies AI technologies to large data sets to make predictions about future events. In hiring, predictive analytics uses two forms of data, candidates’ assessment responses, and an organization’s performance metrics, to predict outcomes on meaningful elements such as future job performance and turnover risk. In other words, AI technologies can relate pre-hire data with post-hire measures of success. The result is meaningful information recruiters can use to enable data-driven hiring decisions, and make hiring decision-making more consistent.

As mentioned above, predictive analytics requires performance metrics and assessment responses. It also requires a system with an active feedback loop to continually track and measure key metrics and use that data to enhance the assessments continually. A predictive hiring platform like Modern Hire enables organizations to put that active feedback loop in place. It also integrates diverse data sources, both structured data from assessments and unstructured data from interviews, into the process. With advanced AI technologies, Modern Hire can process and automatically understand data from multiple sources and relate the resultant data points to the job and organization-level performance.

Modern Hire also integrates pre-hire assessments that use predictive analytics to score the data from candidate responses. The AI technologies used can consider intricate, non-linear patterns in data to predict outcomes with proven accuracy. In contrast, traditional scoring methods only see linear patterns, which limits their predictive value.

Pre-hire assessments can change the hiring process and outcomes in several high-impact ways:

  • Predictive analytics helps recruiters focus on hiring conversations and decisions on proven science rather than gut instinct
  • Recruiters have the tools to create a more consistent hiring process that reduces bias and treats diverse candidate pools fairly
  • The ability to use data-driven pre-hire assessments at scale means recruiters can reach farther into their applicant pool with speed and efficiency

Advantage #2: Increased recruiter efficiency

The automated workflows in a hiring platform enable recruiters to move qualified candidates through the hiring process faster, spending less time on administration and more time with those who are best-fit. A hiring platform can automatically advance qualified candidates after a text interview to a pre-hire assessment, and from there, to an on-demand interview. The integrated automated scheduling enables invited candidates to self-schedule their live interview. According to Hiring Blueprints, automated workflows are easily configured for a specific role in the Modern Hire platform. Hiring Blueprints are repeatable, proven hiring plans that allow recruiters to quickly identify high-potential candidates in the face of sudden, high-volume workforce demands.

Advantage #3: A more personal, candidate-centric hiring experience

The tools and technologies available in hiring platforms are also reshaping hiring to be more personal and candidate-centric. Modern Hire Virtual Job Tryouts create an interesting, immersive, engaging, and educational experience for candidates as they see day-in-the-life job previews and participate in job simulations. Every interaction candidates have with the Modern Hire platform provides insight into the role and organization. Recruiters have the tools to stay in closer contact with candidates and keep them informed.

Take the guesswork out of hiring

Hiring platforms that utilize AI and predictive analytics help take the guesswork out of talent acquisition and elevate candidates’ hiring experience. To understand more about predictive analytics’analytics’s power in hiring, download our white paperUsing Predictive Analytics to Continuously Improve Hiring Experiences and Outcomes.