Video Interviewing: What Does the EEOC Say?

The EEOC has evaluated video interviewing and given a favorable opinion.  According to the EEOC, video interviewing and in-person interviewing are equivalent. Once you make the decision to fill a position, you’re not incurring any more risk by video interviewing than you are by interviewing candidates in the more traditional in-person, face-to-face way. For a more detailed discussion, please check out our webinar presentation by Les Rosen, employment attorney and founder and CEO of Employment Screening Resources.

The EEOC says video interviewing and in-person interviewing are equivalent.

Modern Hire Takes Extra Steps for Further Protection

To better understand our clients’ obligations, we’ve worked with outside legal counsel and met with the EEOC. We’ve enhanced our solution to further protect our clients by:

  • Presenting consent and approval to candidates when they engage in video interviewing
  • Offering inclusion of client-specific wording and waivers
  • Creating a consistent, uniform experience for all applicants to a specific requisition
  • Allowing searches based on data and keywords, not images or video
  • Offering robust reporting activities to track interview activity
  • Using state-of-the-art, encryption methods with data stored in secure, 5-level redundant environments
  • Hosting all interviews on a secure, IT-friendly network

Some video interviewing solutions can integrate client-specific wording and waivers.

In sum, EEOC compliance has been explored and clearly defined.  Ready to continue the quiz?

True or false: Video interviewing can enhance the candidate experience.
True. Candidates can meet multiple decision makers at once with ease and convenience.

If you answered these questions correctly, then you know the future is here - in the form of video interviewing. If you missed one, it’s time to learn more about video interviewing so your organization can access the benefits of this exciting advance in recruitment and hiring.