The Two Faces of Efficient Hiring

It’s a strange time in hiring. The pressure’s on to be hyper-efficient because speed counts and recruitment resources are stretched. Additionally, hiring teams can’t give an inch on the candidate experience. Then, keeping enough candidates flowing (and quickly) from application to onboarding is as challenging as it is essential. How can you do it all?  

There is a way to increase hiring efficiency for your organization and your candidates without losing the personal touch, making it feel transactional. Look to an end-to-end intelligent hiring platform for the tools to help you do it all. 

How recruiters see efficient hiring 

Working smarter, not harder, is still the mantra for efficient hiring. With hiring automation tools and validated, scalable assessments, you can reduce the workload to devote more time to building candidate relationships.    

Tools to look for include:  

  • Text interviewing allows you to efficiently narrow your pool to candidates who meet basic job qualifications. Candidates who meet your requirements are auto-advanced to an on-demand interview.  
  • Automated Interview Creator is a new science-based Modern Hire tool that helps you quickly identify the ideal interview questions that will lead to the best hiring outcomes for the role. Use it to efficiently build better interviews.     
  • On-demand interviewing allows you to invite many candidates simultaneously to participate in an asynchronous interview. Completed interviews are immediately returned to your inbox. From there, you can efficiently review all or portions of each interview and rate and forward candidates with high potential.    
  • Scalable pre-hire assessments allow you to evaluate thousands of candidates quickly and early in your hiring workflow. Modern Hire’s Virtual Job Tryouts are proven to predict candidates’ fit quickly and minimize turnover, so you can have confidence advancing a small but high-quality pool of candidates to the hiring team.   
  • Automated Interview Scoring is a new science-based Modern Hire tool that analyzes candidate responses and recommends scores based on job-relevant data and competencies linked to job success. Use it to advance best-fit candidates more efficiently and fairly.  

All of these tools are integrated into Modern Hire’s single-solution hiring platform. With Modern Hire, you can build more efficient workflows that reduce speed to hire by days, even weeks, and focus your attention on candidates more likely to be high-performing and stay with your organization. 

Recruiters are 30% more efficient when using a science-based, automated, end-to-end virtual hiring platform. 

How candidates see efficient hiring 

From the candidates’ perspective, efficient hiring means fewer delays between steps in the hiring process, so they get to the job offer sooner. Modern Hire helps recruiters create efficient, seamless, personalized hiring experiences for every role through: 

  • Hiring automation that advances qualified candidates quickly to the next step with less delay.  
  • Automated interview scheduling which allows candidates to easily self-schedule the interview time that works best for them.  
  • An end-to-end platform that enables candidates to advance with ease on the most convenient device for them. 

Efficient hiring can translate into satisfied candidates, and when candidates have a good experience, they’re likely to refer others. Candidates at some of the world’s largest companies that partner with Modern Hire say they would refer others:   

  • 96% of candidates would encourage others to apply for a job with a global online retailer 
  • 99% of candidates indicated they would recommend applying to Walmart to others 
  • 99% of candidates would gladly tell their friends about employment opportunities at FedEx

Make every hire count 

Efficient hiring means every hire counts. Especially in times of candidate scarcity, efficient hiring can increase productivity and retention and decreases the rework that occurs with turnover.  

To learn how to take a holistic approach that makes hiring more efficient, effective, ethical, and engaging, download our white paper, How to Hire Right When You Are Starved for Candidates.