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Technology Is Not The Enemy: Enterprise Hiring

Let’s face it: Recruiting was an incredibly challenging job pre-COVID, and now you’re coping with a flooded talent market, too. Your professional goals haven’t changed, but circumstances have. To meet your standards for

  • finding the right match for every role,
  • serving your organization with high-quality, efficient TA, and
  • giving your candidates a positive hiring experience, one you can be proud of,

you need to innovate. Whether you’ve resisted integrating hiring technology into your process, or even adapted technology in limited areas, now’s the time to reconsider it. Technology is not the enemy! The right hiring platform can help you make better hiring choices and stay true to your standards.

Decision-making support at every step in the cycle

Modern Hire’s enterprise hiring platform automates workflows to keep qualified candidates advancing quickly in your hiring process. Intelligent candidate interactions at every level build on candidates’ journey through your process and ensure they stay informed as to their progress and what to expect next, so no one’s left in the dark. Integrated pre-employment assessments help drive data-informed choices.

Here’s how the technology can support your decision-making at every step: Near the top of your funnel, on-demand text interviews help you screen the talent pool for the job’s basic requirements. Qualified candidates automatically advance to a virtual job tryout assessment, where they learn more about the role through a realistic job preview. At the same time, you learn more about them. Only qualified candidates are automatically advanced to an on-demand video interview and the second part of the realistic job preview. In this step, you review candidates’ recorded responses to your job-specific and behavioral interview questions, leveraging an interview guide and rating system to determine fit for role efficiently.

By this point, you’ve had an in-depth look into your applicant pool – even the large ones – and efficiently identified the candidates you’d like to spend more time with during a live interview. They are advanced to Modern Hire’s automated scheduling, an integrated tool that enables candidates to quickly and conveniently self-schedule their interview with you and the hiring team. The process has been made considerably faster and more efficient by technology. More importantly, you’ve delivered a personal hiring experience for every candidate.

A word about Modern Hire’s pre-employment assessments

For many recruiters, pre-employment assessments can be the sticking point in adopting hiring technology. Will I miss a potential top hire by relying on assessments? Will the process feel less personal to candidates? Will I introduce bias into my hiring process?  Here are some answers to these common questions:

  • Modern Hire’s pre-employment assessments have been developed by experts in selection science and utilize big data analytics. Backed by more than 400 validation studies, they are proven to predict candidates’ on-the-job performance. 
  • Virtual Job Tryouts give candidates realistic insight into the role and your organization through job previews and job simulations. The multimedia, job-specific evaluation creates a more personal experience for your candidates. 
  • Modern Hire relies on rigorous science, Ph.D. advisors, ethical use of artificial intelligence, and candidate transparency to ensure fairness and minimize bias in our enterprise hiring platform.

Read our recent blog to learn more about pre-employment assessments and determine whether you need them.

The advantages of technology-enabled hiring

To sum it up, Modern Hire’s technology helps take the guesswork and the grunt work out of TA, so you arrive at your narrowed pool faster and can focus on building relationships with the candidates you’d like to hire. The integrated pre-employment assessments illuminate candidates’ strengths and enable data-informed decisions about which candidates to advance. You’re able to get a higher-quality shortlist to your hiring managers sooner and reduce the interview to hire ratio. With an enterprise hiring platform like Modern Hire, you make even better use of your recruiting talent and achieve better hiring results.