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Sonru Joins the Modern Hire Family

Today, Modern Hire announced the Sonru addition, the leading provider of automated video interviewing technology in EMEA and the Asia Pacific. Sonru’s video interviewing solution maximizes the candidate experience while ensuring consistency, fairness, and best practices. This technology has reduced recruitment lifecycle time and costs by 50% for Sonru’s clients, which come from a wide variety of industries, including several Fortune Global 500 companies like DHL, Nestlé, Qatar Airways, Rolls-Royce, UBS, and Westpac. We are very excited about bringing our organizations together.

What makes Sonru and Modern Hire a great union?

  • Sonru shares our focus on the candidate experience and a commitment to support our clients with consistent innovation.
  • Both Modern Hire and Sonru provide value through delivering better Quality of Hire (QoH), process efficiencies, leading candidate experiences, and improved retention.
  • While both organizations have Global 100 clients, the Modern Hire “home field” client density is in North America, while Sonru’s is in EMEA and APAC, providing complementary geographies.
  • Sonru wanted to increase functionality to their clients drastically. At the same time, Modern Hire clients were looking for a global partner rather than a regional one. This deal allows both Modern Hire and Sonru to address our strategic objectives.

The combination of Modern Hire and Sonru creates a truly global organization with a continued commitment to making hiring personal and a relentless focus on innovation. The united company will have sales and customer support offices across the US, Ireland, the UK, Singapore, and Australia, plus additional team members in Eastern Europe and South America. Our shared commitment to client success and our long-term partnerships remain our top priority.

The Modern Hire platform itself continues to evolve, making optimal use of its best in class candidate experiences. These experiences capture data from various sources (i.e., live or on-demand interviews, assessments, simulations, and day-in-the-life experiences) that allow candidates to try their hand at a job through our Virtual Job Tryout (VJT). Regardless of the specific workflow process or experience designed, the data analytics ensures organizations can leverage the right information, driving fairness and accuracy of prediction.

We have spent the last few months preparing to bring to market the combination of both offerings’ best features. Sonru’s and Modern Hire’s comprehensive suite of capabilities creates the next evolution in enterprise hiring technology.

Besides the logic and enthusiasm behind the deal, enjoying the interaction with our new colleagues makes it even more engaging as we work together to bring the Modern Hire enterprise hiring platform across the globe. We look forward to our journey’s next steps and sharing more details in the weeks to come.