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Software Development Manager


The client is a multinational technology company focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.



The client was looking for a way to measure the soft skills and fit needed for the software development manager position available within the company. The client already had a process in place to measure and predict technical skills, with many in the managerial roles being promoted from within the organization. However, it lacked a process that focused on people skills and the fit for and interest in the managerial position.



Modern Hire created a Virtual Job Tryout featuring a realistic job preview that highlighted the client’s core values and critical responsibilities of the role. Particular emphasis was placed on the people side of the position with less emphasis on the technical aspect since the focus of the assessment was on the evaluation of fit for the company and the role. Exercises were designed to evaluate culture fit, work style, work history, and prioritization/delegation, situational judgment, problem-solving, and project management skills.



  • Individuals who performed well on the Virtual Job Tryout were 28% more likely to be rated by their manager as the best software development managers they ever had.
  • Top-scoring candidates were 38% better at acclimating to the role quickly.
  • Top scorers were 22% more adaptable to change.
  • High performers on the Virtual Job Tryout were 22% better equipped to manage and coach others and 17% better able to lead and inspire others.