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How to Shift from Talent Acquisition to People Acquisition

Nearly one in four employers plan to hire in Q2 2021. Will they be successful? That answer rests in part on their embrace of new approaches in hiring. The pandemic, virtual work, advances in artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, and more have all come together to change the way people think about work and companies think about their workforces. The shift to people acquisition puts humans at the center of hiring. 

5 ways technology supports people acquisition.
It’s not easy to give up legacy approaches in hiring, and recruiting teams need to be cautious about adopting yet-to-be-proven technologies. Still, 79% of executives in organizations deploying intelligent automation expect to outperform competitors on revenue growth within the next three years. That says something about the power of automation and AI technologies to change business outcomes. In HR, a science-based virtual hiring platform like Modern Hire transforms talent acquisition into people acquisition through technologies that prioritize people’s experience and the relationships they form during hiring.

Accelerating hiring.
Virtual hiring platforms that utilize automation and AI speed streamline the process, enabling recruiters to identify qualified candidates and prioritize one-on-one time with them quickly. Recruiters can also let candidates who won’t be moving forward know sooner to continue their job search. With tools like automated interview scheduling and candidate auto-advance from a text interview to an on-demand video interview and assessment, recruiters can accelerate hiring at scale for all candidates. This results in making job offers sooner and filling positions faster for organizations. It also reduces the time candidates need to spend job hunting. People acquisition isn’t only about a speedy process, though.

Personalizing the end-to-end experience.
People acquisition means making sure candidates feel respected and listened to during the hiring process. Virtual hiring platforms can support recruiters in personalizing hiring experiences by making it easier to provide candidate feedback and ask for and receive candidate opinions on the process. With AI, virtual hiring platforms build on candidates’ journeys, so they aren’t asked the same basic questions at the start of every subsequent stage in hiring. Because some AI-powered platforms can evaluate candidates’ unstructured interview responses at scale, recruiters using these platforms can allow more candidates to answer more questions in their own words rather than checkbox choices.

Inviting people into the process.
One of the most impactful advances with people acquisition comes with pre-hire assessments that offer job simulations and realistic job previews. With this technology, recruiters can invite people into the hiring process to experience the position for themselves. When on-demand video interviews are integrated with these pre-hire assessments, candidates can view personal welcome videos by the hiring manager or potential co-workers. Every insight a person has into a possible job opportunity can catalyze enthusiasm about the new role. It may also make it clear to candidates that this isn’t the right fit. The predictive data that comes from these pre-hire assessments gives recruiters an objective, consistent and accurate look at every person’s future performance in the role. Recruiters can have even greater confidence in their recommended slate when it’s backed by proven science.  

Removing bias.
Advanced AI techniques make it possible to reduce and even eliminate bias in the hiring process at scale. As a result, hiring is fairer for everyone, and organizations can be sure they are making offers to the most qualified candidates. Need to get up to speed on bias in hiring? Read this white paper, Data-Driven Selection for a More Diverse Workforce.

Keeping candidates informed.
Automation in a virtual hiring platform makes it easier for recruiters to keep candidates up to date and manage their expectations for the next steps. Better communication helps increase transparency in hiring and improves levels of candidates’ satisfaction and trust.

The concept of people acquisition is part of the evolution of modern hiring. People acquisition is more about dialog and exploration, less about moving candidates through an indifferent experience. If you’d like to learn more about the shift to people acquisition, review this white paperPersonalized Hiring: Better Engagement = Better Hires.