What’s Driving the Steady Rise in Video Interviewing?

Five years ago, companies using video interviewing were the early adopters, those willing to try new technology in order to get a jump on their competitors. Today, video interviewing is mainstream – the data backs that up. In the most recent class of CandE Award winners, 75% use video interviewing. Nearly 80% of companies with more than 5,000 employees have conducted video interviews1. The number of organizations likely to buy a purpose-built video interviewing solution has increased by 30% over the last two years2. So what’s driving the rise in video interviewing ? The core value proposition of purpose-built solutions has changed. What was once mainly time and cost savings has evolved into support for the strategic drivers of highly effective talent acquisition.

The Value Proposition has Evolved

As TA professionals face an increasingly difficult job in securing talent, they need to find viable ways to support more impactful recruiting. The use of conference and consumer-chat tools to interview candidates is a small step forward, but that ROI is not enough to outweigh the risk of putting candidates through a poor interview experience. Providers of purpose-built video interviewing solutions understand the depth of challenge faced by TA teams. To help clients make hiring improvements on a larger scale, they’re focusing on three key areas of enterprise talent acquisition:

  • Consistent, Scalable Candidate Screening & Interviewing. Through mobile- or SMS-enabled workflows, self-scheduling tools, interview guides, and built-in scoring and note sharing, purpose-built video interviewing solutions are increasingly dedicated to supporting better and more consistent screening and interviewing practices for companies of all sizes.
  • Integrated Employer Brand and Positive Candidate Experience. In a survey of talent leaders with 1,000 or more employees, 78% agree that employer brand is increasingly important to successfully attracting talent, while 88% agree that it’s important for candidates to exit feeling positive about the company3. Providers of purpose-built solutions have responded with multiple options for end-to-end white label branding, so the video interview becomes an integrated step in the hiring process rather than a separate step into outside technology. Mature providers also take care with every aspect of the candidate experience, offering candidates access to learning resources for making the most of their interview, and access to 24/7 live tech support.
  • Global Reach and Scale. Talent acquisition has become global, even for companies that operate within a single country. 73% of enterprise HR leaders agree that they need to broaden geographical reach for hiring. To support global talent acquisition, purpose-built providers ensure their video interviewing technology can make the grade with increased data security, global compliance support, and experienced global implementation teams. Some now offer multi-language support as well. They’re aligning with the requirements of global talent acquisition in ways well beyond what generic conference and chat tools can offer.
Added Value of a Mature Solution

Purpose-built providers have increased the value of their solution in other ways, too. Companies that realize the full potential of video interviewing technology are those that achieve adoption and standardization enterprise-wide, even across staffing or outsourcing partnerships. They have multiple stakeholders championing the use of video interviewing as an integral element to their hiring function. Mature providers have the implementation and change management experience to support clients in fully embedding video within their hiring process.

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Cited in Lighthouse Research & Advisory’s white paper,The Evolving Value Proposition of Purpose-Built Video Interviewing.”

Cited in Lighthouse Research & Advisory’s white paper, “The Evolving Value Proposition of Purpose-Built Video Interviewing.”