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Personalized Hiring Experiences for Today’s Modern Candidate

The candidate recruitment experience is at the center of how we think about talent selection and modern hiring. Modern Hire makes finding top talent easier for companies. The hiring platform also makes it easy for candidates to connect with you in the way they’re most comfortable, via text, chat, voice, or video interviewing. Our talent selection technology helps reduce your dropout rate and keeps the best candidates informed and involved, enhancing the candidate experience and creating positive brand experiences for every applicant.

"The Virtual Job Tryout was the first of its kind that I’ve seen in my recent job hunt. I’m not sure if it’s a solution created to deal with the COVID-10 crisis’ limiting of personal interaction, or if the company has always had it as a part of their job application process, but I found it very helpful either way.”

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Modern Hire Platform

The Modern Hire platform also makes it easy for candidates to find the job opportunities that best suit their skills, experience, and abilities through Virtual Job Tryouts. These industry-leading assessments deliver informative interview feedback as part of a candidate-centric experience that informs, engages, and educates- all while increasing recruiter efficiency, reducing turnover, and boosting new-hire performance. It’s a win-win for companies looking to offer a tailored candidate experience while also employing the most effective candidate recruitment tools currently available.

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700+ of the world’s leading brands can’t be wrong

Brands across multiple industries are using Modern Hire with hiring.

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Ready for a candidate-centric hiring process?

With Modern Hire’s HR Tech on your side, and our tens of millions of candidate interactions, your hiring process will be efficient, effective, and fair.

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