Measure, manage, and continuously
improve hiring results with trusted
science and proven technology.

Our clients are global enterprises that seek to create a competitive hiring advantage. In today?s talent-driven marketplace, that requires not only creating better candidate experiences?it means taking advantage of the digital technologies that are transforming enterprise operations to measure, manage, and improve outcomes.

The Modern Hire platform enables you to continuously improve hiring results through more personalized, data-driven experiences for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers. We combine trusted science and technology to predict performance, ensure fairness, and automate workflow?enterprise-wide.

Create better candidate experiences
to improve hiring outcomes

Easy to use

Candidates want a process that?s intuitive and clear. After using our platform, 97% of candidates say the technology is easy to use. When needed, live, friendly support is available 24/7/365.


Candidates want updates and feedback about where they stand. Modern Hire makes it easy for them to connect with you in the way they?re most comfortable, via text, chat, voice, or video.


Every Modern Hire application is highly configurable, so you can tailor the candidate experience at the job level. We help you stay in touch and keep candidates engaged.

Candidate engagement

Let candidates see for themselves what working for your company is like with virtual job simulation assessments, a branded foyer, employee videos, live conversations with hiring managers, and more.

Length of process

An application process shouldn?t be any longer than it needs to be, but Modern Hire research has proven that shorter isn?t always better. Candidates will put in the time if the process is engaging, relevant, and they are performing well.

Candidate representation

Research shows the opportunity to shine is an essential element in candidates? satisfaction with their hiring experience. And 95% of candidates who experience our platform say it enables better self-representation.


Data-driven insights drive continuous improvement

Data-driven insights

Select the best candidates with predictive intelligence collected throughout the hiring process and hiring recommendations based on proven science.

Recruiter efficiency

Our solutions reduce administrative burden and give recruiters 30% of their day back, so they can be more engaged in building relationships and making smarter candidate choices faster.

Partnership approach

Our expert advisors and IO psychologists guide you from implementation to enterprise-wide engagement, with dedicated client service and support. We partner with your team from day one to ensure ROI and hiring success.

Hiring manager enablement

Conduct live or on-demand interviews and assessments using smart, AI-driven personalized questions and automated workflows.

Process automation

Machine learning, self-scheduling, recruiter task prioritization, and workflow automation streamline your hiring process and save time.

Continuous improvement

Track, manage, and improve key hiring metrics to demonstrate hiring success and facilitate change management with business stakeholders.