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Learn how Modern Hire can help you make hiring personal to improve experiences and results:

  1. Everything you need to interview, assess, and evaluate any candidate for any job?in one solution.
    Engage and interact with candidates in a variety of formats, from on-demand text or chat to on-demand or live phone or video. Automated scheduling gives recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates more control and flexibility. The Virtual Job Tryout assessment informs, engages, and educates candidates?all while improving your bottom line.
  2. Give candidates a preview of the job while offering employers meaningful insights into top talent.
    We combine leading-edge technology with almost 20 years of predictive analytics experience that clears the path to top talent and leaves your candidates fans of your brand?even if they don't get the job.
  3. Impact your entire business by using data to make better hiring decisions, reduce turnover, and predict employee performance.
    With the largest team of Ph.D.-level data scientists on staff, you can rely on Modern Hire's technology and expertise to help you predict post-hire performance based on the behaviors and metrics that matter most.

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