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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

4 Candidate Types: Win Them with Video Interviewing

Recruit for long enough and you begin to see similarities in the candidates pushing through your pipeline. We all have our differences, but there may really be only a few types of people (specifically 5 or 7 or 16 depending on which personality test you like). Working in the HCM space, I’ve noticed job candidates often fall into one of four broad categories. As a hiring manager, I’ve found that video interviewing is appealing to each of these candidate types, for different reasons.

The Nervous Nellie

Most people have a few nervous moments when they interview for a job, but some candidates get so anxious that they don’t present themselves well. Their anxiety prevents hiring managers from being able to see their true personality and capabilities. People sometimes think interviewing virtually would exacerbate this situation, but in fact, the opposite is true. A live video interview allows the hiring team to put the candidate at ease right away through conversation. Candidates can remain in familiar surroundings for the interview, and Modern Hire’s 24/7 support team is always there for those who’d like some help using our technology. We’ve purposely designed our platform to be very candidate-friendly, so it’s not surprising that 98% agree with this statement: Accessing the live Modern Hire interview was easy. With video interviewing, candidates can quickly overcome a case of nerves and show off their strengths and enthusiasm for the new job.

The Young Idealist

For this job candidate, details like job responsibilities are important, but he wants to know more about what he’s getting into. What does your company stand for? Are you tech-savvy? What does the work environment look like? Will he be able to get the flexibility that is essential to his lifestyle? All of these questions could be addressed on your careers website, but it’s so much more powerful when you can answer them directly with a live video interview. Use video interviewing technology to give candidates a look at your trendy brainstorming space or your 5-star cafeteria. Connect them to potential colleagues in similar roles so they can talk over what it’s like to work at your company. Give them the option to interview with you using their smartphone, and you’ll make a strong impression. Mobile interviewing is certainly not offered by all companies, but when it is, candidates use it. Last year, 40% of Modern Hire video interviews were accessed by mobile devices. With video interviewing technology, these candidates can see you’re all on the same page.

The Confident Professional

This candidate has been working for years, and likely has changed jobs more than once. She knows where she wants to take her career, and has confidence in what she brings to the table. Like the young idealist, she wants to know more about your company, but often it’s from a different perspective. Use a purpose-built video interviewing solution to connect her with a potential new manager and company leadership, so she can understand her career trajectory within your organization. Keep in mind this candidate may have been a hiring manager herself. She’ll appreciate the streamlined, responsive hiring process you can offer her with video interviewing.

The Rock Star

This type of candidate may not have long hair and leather pants, but he does have in-demand skills and perhaps an attitude to match. Chances are good he’s already employed and may not be looking to change jobs. With this candidate, you need a rapid, easy hiring process and a way to make it clear why your role and company are the best choices for him. Use video interviewing to invite these passive candidates into a brief on-demand video interview directly from their social media account. Get your rock star’s attention this way, then start building interest and engagement through a live video interview. 98% of candidates agreed with this statement: By using Modern Hire, my prospective employer represented themselves as an innovative and forward thinking employer, so you know you’re on the right track with these candidates.

Happy Endings for All

With all of these types of candidates, you’ll interview many and hire few. You want 100% of candidates to form a positive impression of your company during the interview process. Video interviewing that’s designed for hiring can help you reach that goal with a hiring experience that is convenient, timely and personal for candidates. It’s a happier ending for all, as candidates who are not offered that particular job still feel respected and may remain in your pipeline until the right role at your company comes along.