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Predictive Analytics in Hiring

Modern Hire
predictive analytics in hiring

SHRM found that 75% of HR professionals reported skill gaps in job candidates. 20% of employees leave within their first 45 days. 50% of new hires are judged to be unsuccessful after 18 months. As companies look to improve these results, data-driven hiring solutions are making all the difference such as predictive analytics in hiring.

Yet, most organizations are either using old-school descriptive metrics, such as cost-per-hire and time-to-fill, or not using analytics at all. And only 5% of firms polled believe their tactics are “best in class.” Science and technology has the power to better all aspects of recruiting, from ensuring fairness and performance outcomes to automating workflow and reducing costs.

It’s time for new methods! Join us for a discussion where we’ll answer critical questions, such as:

  • Why use pre-hire assessments and what challenges can be expected?
  • How is the ‘Virtual Job Tryout’ implemented and for what types of jobs?
  • How do pre-hire assessments generate real gains in recruiting?
  • What is the performance prediction before and after using pre-hire assessments?
  • What are the associated costs and training needed for recruiters to leverage AI tools?
  • What ‘people analytics’ tools are recommended for small and mid-sized firms?
  • Is their potential for discrimination when using AI? How can efficacy be monitored?