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Text Interviewing Will Forever Change Your Hiring Process

Your first interaction with job candidates should be personal — yet fast and efficient, too. Give candidates what they really want – a text, just like leading consumer brands do. Text interviewing personalizes your experience from the start and lets you quickly find top candidates who meet your qualifications so you can move them forward.

Promote your job openings to broad groups of job-seekers on social networks and allow your candidates to begin their texting platform interview immediately. All they need to use your company’s text recruiting software is a mobile phone and a few minutes to answer your job-specific questions. Their connection with you via a text interviewing platform is that easy, and you keep the hiring process moving.

Using Text Interviewing in Your Workflow

The Modern Hire platform, including its text recruiting software, offers scalable candidate engagement options when you have more applicants than you can handle. With just a few clicks, invite hundreds or thousands of candidates to engage in a text interviewing exchange for a job interview. Review dozens of responses in the time it would take to complete a single phone interview, advancing the best ones to the next stage, like a phone screen.

Each candidate answers exactly the same questions presented with our text recruiting software, mitigating compliance concerns and speeding along your evaluation. You can also use text recruiting to maintain contact during their hiring journey by sending self-scheduling invitations and interview reminders.

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Modern Hire Platform

Text interviewing is just one of the many capabilities in the Modern Hire platform. Our enterprise-grade hiring software modernizes every step of the interviewing process from pre-apply to offer acceptance. The Modern Hire platform offers recruiters the assessment tools they need to manage the interviewing hiring process.

  • Interview scheduling
  • Text interviewing
  • Phone interview screening
  • Pre-employment testing and assessment
  • Video interviewing – on demand or live
  • Interview guides and question libraries
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  • 98%

    of text messages are read within 4-6 minutes

  • 64%

    prefer a text message after applying for a job vs. email/phone call

  • 90%

    of people who search for jobs on their mobile devices

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Ready for a candidate-centric hiring process?

With Modern Hire’s HR technology on your side, and our tens of millions of candidate interactions, your hiring process will be efficient, effective, and fair.

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