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Phone Screen Interview

For some roles and hiring scenarios, a phone screen interview is still the most effective strategy, especially when access to technology may be a concern. Modern Hire’s platform transforms the traditional phone screen interview to create cost- and time-efficiencies and a more satisfying candidate experience. With on-demand phone interviews, candidates complete responses at their convenience. To personalize the experience, record customized welcome and closing messages. You can review responses and forward qualified candidates to hiring stakeholders at any time, from any device. On-demand phone interviewing helps you keep hiring momentum going and hold onto your most qualified candidates.

“On-demand phone interviewing is a big selling point. I’m offering candidates an opportunity to interview on their own time, when it works for them. I also get candidate responses much faster. On average, I send out 60 to 70 interview invites each week. I’ll have candidates to review the next day, and within a week, I have about 25 candidates to review. I would never connect with 25 candidates in a week over the phone, I just wouldn’t.”

Associate Recruiter, Healthcare Staffing Provider

Using On-Demand Phone Interviewing in Your Workflow

Using On-Demand Phone Interviewing in Your Workflow

Get the conversation started faster when you invite hundreds or thousands of candidates to complete an on-demand phone interview. When you combine text interviewing with a phone interview, you can address the basics like knockout questions, working hours, and other details via text so that your phone interview focuses on more in-depth questions.

You can also use a pre-hire assessment to help prioritize the best fit candidates and focus your recruiters’ phone interviews into focused discussions. Candidates who qualify based on their on-demand phone interview can then move on to your next step, such as a live phone or video interview.

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Modern Hire Platform

Pre-employment assessments are just one of the many capabilities in the Modern Hire platform. Our enterprise-grade hiring software modernizes every step of the hiring process from pre-apply to offer acceptance. Pre-employment assessments become even more powerful when combined with interviewing technology to deliver a personalized, two-way exchange between your company and your candidates.

  • Interview scheduling
  • Text interviewing
  • Phone interview screening
  • Pre-employment testing and assessment
  • Video interviewing – on demand or live
  • Interview guides and question libraries
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