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One solution for all your interview needs

Modern Hire’s hiring platform has the leading video interview technology you need to evaluate your candidates fairly and consistently, showcase your brand and culture, and deliver a convenient and satisfying candidate experience.

Our digital interview technology offers:

  • On-demand video interviews
  • AI-enabled Automated Interview Scoring
  • Live video interviews
  • Live phone interviews
  • Automated interview scheduling
  • Interview aids with dynamic job- and candidate-specific questions
  • Structured rating scales to promote consistent evaluation

“I joke with my VP that we interview while we sleep. After sending the invites, we come in the next morning and have 30-70 completed interviews to review. We can quickly identify about half of those people to submit to our hiring managers. It speeds up the process, and it’s fun, too.”

Director Of Talent Operations, University Research and Health Care Organization

Easy On-Demand Video Interviews

Replace traditional phone interviews with on-demand video interviews to engage many candidates at once and move qualified talent to next steps faster. On-demand video interviews also ensure a convenient, consistent, and equitable candidate experience.

Our interview guides include dynamically generated job- and competency-specific questions that allow hiring teams to make an initial determination of skills, abilities, and fit.

With on-demand video interviews, you can customize content and candidates get a convenient way to record their answers – on their own time, where they are most comfortable, whenever it fits their schedule.



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Modern Hire Automated Interview Scoring

AI-enabled Automated Interview Scoring is an on-demand interview feature that uses AI to evaluate candidate responses and provide hiring teams with recommended scores. It has been proven to be over three times less biased than human interview scorers.

Automated Interview Scoring uses rigorously validated ethical science, natural language processing, and deep learning to reliably replicate the judgment of professionally trained experts.

It is game-changing technology and science designed to help ensure a fair, complete, and objective hiring experience.

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Connect with Live Phone and Video Interviews

Live phone and video interviews offer an efficient way to create a personal connection with candidates anywhere and on any device. Use our phone screen tools to automate first interactions.

Conduct video and live phone or in-person interviews with the help of candidate-specific questions correlated to information provided at earlier stages. Hiring teams use structured rating scales to guide follow-up questions and evaluate candidates fairly.

Our live video interview technology integrates with third-party applications like Zoom and can otherwise accommodate virtual teams and panel interviews.

Video Interview
  • 68%


    Reduction in the number of interviews per hire

  • 75%


    On-demand interviews submitted by candidates within 26 hours

  • 97%


    Candidates who said completing their on-demand interview was fun

Automated Scheduling

The Modern Hire platform uses automated scheduling to remove bottlenecks for phone, video, and in-person interviews. Choose text, email, candidate self-scheduling, or an AI-powered recruiting assistant to contact candidates and prevent delays in the hiring process.

Auto-advance candidates with an invite to schedule that is triggered by an interview completion or receipt of hiring manager feedback. If given the option to self-schedule, candidates are forwarded to a self-scheduling page where they can select available interviewer dates and times that work for them.

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“I use Modern Hire to schedule our live voice interviews for CNAs and RNs. In the past, to get a candidate on the calendar would take about 4 days and now, a candidate applies in the morning and I can be interviewing them by the end of the day! Taking out the phone tag has taken my process from days to hours.”

Recruiter, Healthcare System

Combine Video Interviewing and Assessment Technology to Step up Your Hiring

Make hiring decisions that will transform business outcomes by combining our leading interview solutions
with screening and Virtual Job TryoutTM assessment technology in our full platform.


Provide modern candidates personalized, time-saving experiences with convenient text-based or pre-recorded phone interactions. Screening personalizes the experience for candidates from the start and allows you to quickly identify and move forward candidates who meet your qualifications.

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Our science-based, job-relevant Virtual Job Tryout assessment are rooted in our scaled insights collected from more than a billion candidate interactions across various roles and industries. Text-based assessment enables hiring teams to scientifically predict turnover with an on-demand text interaction in the screening stage of the hiring process.

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Get Started with Hiring Blueprints

Job-specific Virtual Job Tryouts are the centerpiece of our Hiring Blueprints, recommended hiring workflow templates that combine assessment with interview tools as a fast track to top talent. Get started by choosing a hiring template from among more than 40 roles.

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