Automated Interview Scoring

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Make fairer, faster, more accurate hiring decisions

Modern Hire Automated Interview Scoring solves the biggest challenges facing hiring teams today, enabling you to get candidates through your process quickly and consistently, while mitigating bias and ensuring best-fit outcomes. It increases efficiency and fairness while being candidate-friendly and transparent.

Automated Interview Scoring is game-changing, AI-enabled technology and science that makes interviewing at scale faster, fairer, and more confident than ever.

We Are Advancing the Industry

AI-enabled Automated Interview Scoring is an on-demand interview innovation that advances the interview technology industry like nothing else on the market today.

  • Verified Question Sets for entry-level, experienced, and managerial roles in multiple industries help remove the guesswork from knowing which questions measure the competencies needed for job success.
  • Assistive AI technology analyzes candidate interview responses and recommends scores based on job-relevant data and core competencies linked to job success.
  • Recruiters receive a rank-ordering of candidates based on an overall score, simplifying how to select the best candidates to move forward.

Candidate-friendly and transparent, AI analysis focuses only on the content of candidate answers, never the candidate’s image, facial expressions, or audio qualities. Analysis of such details is not only invasive of candidate privacy, it’s not proven to predict job performance.

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    By instantly sorting candidates based on their scores, recruiters can focus their efforts on best-fit candidates and advance them through the process quickly.


    With Automated Interview Scoring, hiring teams ensure a consistent and standardized process. This increases objectivity, accuracy, and the likelihood that best-fit candidates are chosen.


    Our technology evaluates what candidates say just as well as expert human raters, but with less bias. Automated Interview Scoring ensures an evaluation process that only focuses on job-relevant content.


    Our technology evaluates what candidates say just as well as expert human raters, but with less bias. Automated Interview Scoring ensures an evaluation process that only focuses on job-relevant content.

Superior AI Models

Advanced AI models are the core of our Automated Interview Scoring technology.

Modern Hire’s solution has the highest reliability scores on the market because our natural language processing and deep learning models were trained on tens of thousands of ratings of 1.5 million candidate responses by our team of PhD-level experts in human behavior. They rated the responses on job-relevant information and competencies proven to predict job success.

Other solutions use ratings from hiring managers across organizations, opening the door to interview bias and unreliable evaluation. Our reliability scores exceed industry standards, with our Automated Interview Scoring able to produce near-perfect replication of human ratings.

Hiring teams still make the final evaluation, but Automated Interview Scoring increases efficiency, accuracy, and fairness in finding best-fit talent.


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  • >3X


    Automated Interview Scoring reduces interview bias by more than three times and increases the likelihood that the best candidates are chosen by recruiters and hiring managers.

  • 1.5M


    Automated Interview Scoring uses a best-in-class model trained on 1.5 million interview responses and to understand language specifically in the context of an interview.

  • 100K


    Our research included analyzing over 100,000 candidate responses scored by our AI models to control adverse impact and verify prediction and reduced interview bias.

Power Your Process with Science

Automated Interview Scoring is a feature built on CognitIOn by Modern Hire™, the science engine that powers Modern Hire’s industry-leading platform, products, and innovation.

Our powerful interview technology can evaluate candidates for various roles across numerous job families, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Banking/Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications

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