A Better Way to Handle Pre-Employment Assessment Testing

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Pre-Configured Virtual Job Tryouts®

Our ready-to-implement pre-employment assessments are built on nearly two decades of predicting job performance in specific roles. They offer immediate and measureable results and impact on your bottom line, function with or without integration with an applicant tracking system, and can be ready to go in as little as a few weeks.

New text-based assessment enables organizations to scientifically predict turnover with an on-demand text interaction early in the hiring process. The content of this brief assessment measure is specifically designed to predict a candidate’s likelihood to stay on the job and otherwise qualify them for moving ahead in the hiring process.

“The assessment was very useful, and I found it to be kind of fun! Almost as if this was a professional problem-solving game that I enjoyed doing.”

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Key Features

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    Realistic Job Preview

    Engage your candidates with an honest look at the job, organization, and culture, enabling candidates to make an informed decision about their fit for the job.

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    Job Simulations

    Job simulations are great for pre-employment testing as they give candidates the opportunity to experience an immersive simulation of the job and give TA teams a predictor of the candidate’s ultimate on-the-job performance.

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    Candidates can complete the Virtual Job Tryout on any device – mobile, tablet, desktop – making your hiring process convenient for them.

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    Multi-Method Approach

    Use multiple assessment methods to create a well-rounded, comprehensive understanding of the candidate and fit to job.

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    Machine Learning

    Algorithmic tools combined with the most sophisticated and job relevant assessment measures.

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    Customizable Content

    Work with us to create content that predicts performance in your specific role at your organization.


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    Boost New-Hire Performance

    Identify candidates who will hit the ground running. Our pre-employment assessment tests are proven to predict performance. Backed by over 400 validation studies, our assessment tests identify new hires who learn the job faster and ultimately are more productive.

  • increase recruiter efficiency
    Increase Recruiter Efficiency

    Prioritize your candidates so you can spend the most time with your best candidates. Significantly reduce the number of candidates to interview by using our proven assessment solutions to quickly short list your top candidates.

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    Candidate Experience

    Present candidates with realistic scenarios they are likely to encounter on the job, providing them opportunities to perform activities that mimic the role, while measuring attributes necessary for success. Educate and engage candidates while capturing information that predicts performance and measures job-critical competencies.

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    Reduce Turnover

    Reduce your new-hire turnover by an average of 30-50%. Determining best-fit candidates helps reduce turnover and its harmful long-term financial and cultural impact on your business.

  • 98%

    percent of candidates say they would refer others to the company based upon their experience

  • 72%

    of candidates would NOT recommend an employer after a poor hiring process

  • 75%

    of job seekers consider an employers' brand before even applying for a job

Modern Hire Platform

Pre-employment assessment tests are just one of the many capabilities in the Modern Hire platform. Our enterprise-grade hiring software modernizes every step of the hiring process from pre-apply to offer acceptance. Assessment career tests become even more powerful when combined with interviewing technology to deliver a personalized, two-way exchange between your company and your candidates.

  • Interview scheduling
  • Text interviewing
  • Phone interview screening
  • Pre-employment testing and assessment
  • Video interviewing – on demand or live
  • Interview guides and question libraries
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With Modern Hire’s HR technology on your side, and our tens of millions of candidate interactions, your hiring process will be efficient, effective, and fair.

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