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Modern Hire’s Virtual Job TryoutTM is a powerful, science-based pre-employment assessment that predicts job performance. It engages, informs, and evaluates candidates while giving hiring teams the insights they need to boost new-hire performance, reduce turnover, and increase efficiency.

The Virtual Job Tryout goes beyond conventional cognitive and behavioral assessment with innovative exercises that simulate the job, providing evidence of how candidates are likely to perform in your environment.

Our assessment tools use predictive analytics and data collected over two decades across numerous roles and industries. Our rigorous validation research combined with hiring and performance data from more than a billion candidate interactions are the scientific and analytic foundation of our award-winning assessment technology.


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How the Virtual Job Tryout Works

Powered by Cognition by Modern HireTM, the Virtual Job Tryout measures job competencies we have proven to be crucial to new-hire success.

Candidates engage in a series of simulated tasks and job-relevant exercises. They learn about the job while you learn about them. You collect job-relevant data to evaluate candidates based on abilities, not words on a resume or other data that can lead to bias.

Research has defined what makes for a great candidate experience, and it includes giving candidates a chance to perform and feel satisfied they had a chance to showcase their job-relevant skills. Our assessment tools ensure candidates leave the experience fans of your brand even if they don’t get the job.

Methodical and Fair

Modern Hire’s PhD-level selection and data scientists are committed to rigorous talent analytics, assessment tool development, the ethical application of AI in hiring, and research to advance the field of talent science.

Our processes are built upon exacting methodology and thorough documentation, ensuring fairness and ethical and legal defensibility.

We stand behind the quality of our science. All Modern Hire’s science and solutions conform to EEOC and SIOP guidelines for validation and deployment of applicant evaluation methods.

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Key Features

  • Assessments welcome screen
    Realistic job preview

    Engage your candidates in a preview, job simulations, and other exercises that offer a candid look at the benefits and challenges of the job, enabling them to make an informed decision about their fit for the role.

  • Job simulations
    Multi-Method Measurement

    The Virtual Job Tryout’s multi-method measurement provides a whole-person view of your candidates and better reflects the complex nature of on-the-job performance than a cognitive or behavioral test.

  • Custom branding and content

    The Virtual Job Tryout offers a range of options for custom branding, messaging, images and video, realistic job preview, other content and predictive modeling to reflect and predict success in your job and company.

Predict Turnover with a Text-Based Assessment

Text-based assessment tools enable hiring teams to scientifically predict turnover with an on-demand text interaction in the screening stage of the hiring process.

The content of this brief assessment measure is specifically designed to predict a candidate’s likelihood to stay on the job and otherwise qualify them for moving ahead in the hiring process.

Career stability text-based assessment is especially helpful for high-volume hourly roles, where determining turnover risk early makes the hiring process more efficient. And making it available as a text exchange makes the interaction quick and convenient for candidates.

“The assessment was very useful, and I found it to be kind of fun! Almost as if this was a professional problem-solving game that I enjoyed doing.”

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Make Award-Winning Assessment the Core of a Seamless Hiring Experience

Maximize your predictive power by combining our world-class Virtual Job Tryout pre-employment assessment
with screening and interview technology in our full platform, an all-in-one hiring solution.



Provide modern candidates personalized, time-saving experiences with convenient text-based or pre-recorded phone interactions. Screening personalizes the experience for candidates from the start and allows you to quickly identify and move forward candidates who meet your qualifications.

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Conduct on-demand and live interviews using dynamically generated, job-specific behavioral, follow-up, and competency-based questions. Our interview technology includes structured rating scales to aid recruiters, automated workflows, and candidate self-scheduling tools.

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Get Started with Hiring Blueprints

Job-specific Virtual Job Tryouts are the centerpiece of our Hiring Blueprints, recommended hiring workflow templates that combine assessment with interview tools as a fast track to top talent. Get started by choosing a hiring template from among more than 40 roles.

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