Make hiring personal with the
all-in-one platform that continuously
improves experiences and results.

Recruiting technology has brought Talent Acquisition teams more options to automate and streamline parts of the hiring process. But has technology brought you closer to your candidates?

It’s time to reimagine the hiring process.

The Modern Hire platform combines trusted science and technology to predict performance, ensure fairness, and automate workflow. AI, predictive analytics, assessments, interviewing, and scheduling technology work together seamlessly in a single SaaS solution.

Discover how you can make hiring personal in your organization by using an all-in-one platform designed to help you continuously improve results.



Integrated interviewing, assessment,
and predictive analytics in an all-in-one
enterprise hiring platform

Today’s hiring experiences don’t measure up to the expectations of modern candidates, busy recruiters, and hiring managers seeking the best talent.

Talent acquisition organizations struggle with different systems, a lack of reliable data, and a way to streamline hiring to reduce friction and improve hiring outcomes.

Modern Hire integrates best-in-class interviewing technology with industry-leading assessments and predictive analytics in a purpose-built hiring platform. Learn more about our robust interviewing and assessment capabilities and benefits.


Modern Hire integrates seamlessly
Modern Hire integrates seamlessly with enterprise needs for reliability, scalability, compliance, and security while allowing for configurability to suit each organization's needs: Integrate with all major enterprise ATS systems. Sync with major calendaring solutions. Partner assessments are a built in-app for a consistent experience. Configurable options based on job types (hourly, professional) and families (IT, Finance, Sales, etc.).