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Your All-in-One Hiring Solution

Nearly half of the Fortune 100 rely on Modern Hire’s science-based virtual hiring platform to transform their business outcomes by improving quality of hire, increasing efficiency, and creating a seamless and satisfying experience for candidates and hiring teams.

Powered by CognitIOn by Modern HireTM, the Modern Hire platform combines trusted science and proven technology to meet the needs of every step of your hiring process with:

The Future of Hiring Is Here

Today's hiring software can't keep up with the expectations of modern candidates. Hiring teams are under pressure to identify and hire the best talent. They struggle to work across different systems, understand how to collect and analyze data, and streamline routines to reduce friction and improve outcomes.

It's time to reimagine the hiring process.

Our all-in-one science-based platform is rigorously designed to predict success. Discover how our comprehensive science combines with leading technology to transform your business outcomes and build your most engaged, qualified, and diverse workforce.


Provide modern candidates personalized, time-saving experiences with convenient text-based or pre-recorded phone interactions. Screening personalizes the experience for candidates from the start and allows you to quickly identify and move forward candidates who meet your qualifications.

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Our science-based, job-relevant Virtual Job Tryout assessment are rooted in our scaled insights collected from more than a billion candidate interactions across various roles and industries. Text-based assessment enables hiring teams to scientifically predict turnover with an on-demand text interaction in the screening stage of the hiring process.

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Conduct on-demand and live interviews using dynamically generated, job-specific behavioral, follow-up, and competency-based questions. Our interview technology includes AI-enabled Automated Interview Scoring, structured rating scales to aid recruiters, automated workflows, and candidate self-scheduling tools.

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  • $4M

    More annual sales

  • 36%

    Higher productivity

  • $5.5M

    Saved in retention

The Power of Scaled Insights

Does your hiring software make smarter hiring decisions with every candidate interaction?

Modern Hire’s predictive analytics are part of a closed-loop system that’s able to capture pre- and post-hire data points and connect them with relevant business outcomes.  Modern Hire’s high-quality data collection tools and analytics allow you to efficiently identify and prioritize candidates most likely to perform well on the job and understand their risk of turnover.

Modern Hire’s award-winning multi-disciplinary hiring science is proven to improve quality of hire, increase recruiter efficiency, and reduce new-hire turnover.

With Modern Hire, you never have to guess how your HR software is working – you get scientific verification, in real time and at scale.

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Hire, Improve, Repeat

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    Evaluate and hire

    Select the best candidates with predictive intelligence collected throughout the hiring process and hiring recommendations based on proven science.

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    Measure and improve

    Track, measure, and continuously improve key metrics to demonstrate hiring success and improved business outcomes and facilitate change management with organizational stakeholders.

Platform Benefits

  • Effective

    • Our validated science helps you predict job performance and turnover risk, not simply who to hire
  • Efficient

    • Our platform automates many administrative processes and allows your TA teams to focus on talent, not tasks
  • Ethical

    • We rely on rigorous science, PhD advisors, ethical use of artificial intelligence, and candidate transparency to ensure fairness.

Better Hiring Experiences for All

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    Candidate Experience

    The Modern Hire platform offers a seamless, candidate-centered experience. Candidates can decide when and how they want to engage, have a change to showcase their job-relevant skills and experience, and can be confident they are being treated fairly and with dignity.

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    Recruiter Experience

    Our virtual hiring platform empowers recruiters to reduce manual and administrative tasks and speed up digital recruiting processes with candidate self-scheduling tools and on-demand interactions.

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    Hiring Manager Experience

    The Modern Hire platform offers hiring managers a combination of trusted science, proven technology, and unrivaled candidate experience to create a consistent, fair, informative, and data-driven hiring decision process.

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"The biggest thing is our partnership with Modern Hire is something that's real – it became evident very quickly that the level of service that we receive with Modern Hire can't be matched, at least with all the vendors that I'm exposed to in Talent Acquisition. The technology, it just works."

Bill Malcolm, Director of Talent Acquisition, Wyndham Destinations

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    Employer Branding

    Implementing Modern Hire as part of your hiring process helps you create a more personalized and engaging hiring experience and tell your employer and commercial brand story through custom text, images, videos, links to your website, and employee testimonials. Show off your culture and brand in a way that is personal, engaging, and unique, so candidates can imagine themselves working for you and leave the experience a bigger fan of your brand.

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    Data Security

    Our platform delivers enterprise-grade data security with state-of-the-art SOC-audited and ISO-certified data centers and industry data protection standards. We have earned ISO 27001:2013 certification and maintain a Soc 2 Type 2 report. Our security strategy includes the use of secure system architecture and coding standards, multi-factor authentication, data encryption, real-time monitoring and more. Our data protection policies comply with various global regulatory requirements, including EEO, AA, GDPR, and the Privacy Shield framework.

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    Hiring Compliance

    Modern Hire always considers the legal ramifications of any hiring tools. Top external legal counsel for some of our global clients describe our legal compliance process as the gold standard for our industry. Our solutions meet EEOC and SIOP guidelines for validation and deployment of applicant evaluation methods, are rigorously tested to ensure fairness for all EEOC-protected groups, and have never been legally challenged.

Get Started with Hiring Blueprints

Modern Hire’s Hiring Blueprints are your starting point for putting our platform into action. Available by job or by hiring issue, they are your fast track to transforming your hiring process. Hiring Blueprints are available for more than 40 roles.

Hiring Blueprints are recommended, ready-to-go hiring plans representing each step of the hiring process. Each one is built around a Virtual Job Tryout assessment featuring job-specific competency measures our decades of research and scaled insights across various roles and industries have identified as predictive of on-the-job success.

Hiring Blueprints building blocks:

  • On-demand text and phone screen
  • On-demand video interview
  • On-demand realistic job preview
  • On-demand Virtual Job Tryout assessment
  • Live phone interview
  • Live video or in-person video

Learn more about the Hiring Blueprint building blocks.


Nearly half of the Fortune 100 trusts Modern Hire

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