Reimagine Your Hiring Process

If you’re looking at recruiting technology solutions, you know that it needs to bring Talent Acquisition teams the ability to automate and streamline more parts of the hiring process. But that same technology also needs to bring you closer to your candidates.

Modern Hire’s virtual interviewing platform covers the entire hiring process, from pre-hire assessments and virtual job simulations, all the way to providing live video interviewing technology and on-demand video, text or phone interview solutions.

Engage Early and Often

Personalize each candidate’s experience, right from the start while efficiently screening candidates.

If you have a high volume of candidates or you prefer to screen candidates before conducting live phone interviews, our on-demand text and phone interviews offer an automated way to ask basic qualifying questions and advance the right candidates forward in the process, at a time that is convenient for them.

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Schedule with Ease

Put candidates in the driver’s seat, while saving your team time and stress.

With candidate self­ schedule, candidates select the dates and times that are optimal for them, so they can be at their best for the interview. While candidates will feel like they have some control of the process, your Talent Acquisition team will save valuable time otherwise spent on coordinating and scheduling interviews.

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Don’t Just Collect Data, Use It

Use predictive analytics, not instincts, to understand what’s working.

Modern Hire uses advanced artificial intelligence, that includes deep learning, to processes and automatically understand interview responses and other natural behavioral indicators. The resulting data points are then translated into what truly matters to you – predictors of on-the-job success.

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"The biggest thing is our partnership with Modern Hire is something that's real- it became evident very quickly that the level of service that we receive with Modern Hire can't be matched, at least with all the vendors that I'm exposed to in Talent Acquisition. The technology, it just works."

Bill Malcolm, Director of Talent Acquisition, Wyndham Destinations

Let Them Be Heard and Seen

Get face time with candidates, the right way.

Video interviews can accelerate the hiring process by helping you to make quicker decisions on who to shortlist. On-demand video interviews give candidates a convenient way to record answers to your interview questions at their convenience, while live video interviews help you make a more personal connection with candidates from anywhere on any device. And unlike conference call tools built for a much different purpose, the Modern Hire interview space is a secured private meeting.

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Give the Job a Try(out)

Find the best candidates, while giving applicants a clear understanding of the job.

Modern Hire’s Virtual Job Tryout provides a realistic simulation of actual job-related duties of the roles you are trying to fill. Your candidates gain a realistic understanding of what the job entails, while your Talent Acquisition team gets a reliable method to predict future job performance — increasing recruiter efficiency, reducing turnover, and boosting new-hire performance.

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Secure Your Candidate Interactions with Confidence

Our Enterprise-grade data security and privacy is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands.

At Modern Hire, your privacy and data protection are our top priorities. We deliver interviews and assessments to millions annually for job applicants seeking employment in over 200 countries and territories. Our clients include leading global financial services providers, healthcare providers, and government agencies, who have stringent cybersecurity requirements and trust us with some of their most sensitive information.

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Platform Benefits

  • Effective

    • Our validated science helps you predict job performance and turnover risk, not simply who to hire
  • Efficient

    • Our platform automates many administrative processes and allows your TA teams to focus on talent, not tasks
  • Fair

    • We rely on rigorous science, PhD advisors, ethical use of artificial intelligence, and candidate transparency to ensure fairness.

Ready for a candidate-centric hiring process?

With Modern Hire’s HR technology on your side, and our tens of millions of candidate interactions, your hiring process will be efficient, effective, and fair.

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