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Our Working Future: Engaging Assessments

Hiring is a high-stakes process. A lot is riding on these decisions, especially as organizations aim to keep employees longer and elevate Employee Lifetime Value (ELV).  It’s a big decision for candidates, too. That’s why engaging pre-employment assessments are so critical. Concentration on an engaging experience ensures every assessment interaction is made from a human perspective even as technology speeds the interaction toward the desired goal. Modern Hire is experience-driven because we want every assessment interaction to encourage human relationships while it eases friction in hiring. Let’s explore what engaging assessments look like and why they are so crucial for successful hiring outcomes.

From the candidate’s perspective

Modern Hire puts candidates at the center of our approach to talent acquisition. Every assessment should contribute to a positive hiring experience whether the candidate receives a job offer or not. We know three in four (72%) candidates would not recommend a company after a poor hiring experience. The stakes really are high.

Engaging assessments address candidates’ needs in hiring, such as the opportunity to present job-related competencies and the desire to dig deep into the company culture and the employee experience to understand their commitment when accepting a job offer fully. Engaging assessments also make candidates’ lives easier with seamless, efficient technology. This efficiency can reduce some of the job hunt’s stress and move qualified candidates into a relationship with new employers sooner. 

So, what is an engaging candidates experience in a modern pre-employment assessment? With the Modern Hire Virtual Job Tryout™, they get a multi-media, immersive experience and rich insight into the organization’s job and a look at what the role requires day to day. Candidates complete a job simulation and get a realistic job preview. They have the chance to show they are a good fit for the job. It is also a fair experience. The assessment is the same for all candidates, and with advanced artificial intelligence, it can remove bias and focus on candidates’ predicted success in the role. 

From the hiring team’s perspective

Hiring teams are typically under tremendous pressure to bring people into the organization who can ramp up their productivity quickly and stay with the organization for years. More recently, they also need to find and hire candidates who have the grit to adapt to change successfully.

Engaging assessments solve for hiring team pain points. For hiring managers, a significant pain point is the lack of data to make informed talent decisions. For recruiters, it is a lack of data and the time to make personal connections with candidates. Engaging assessments align recruiting teams around data-driven hiring. They provide the data and tools to advance candidates who will perform and stay efficiently. It’s not just about whom to hire; it’s about identifying where to smartly direct effort on starting those long-term employee relationships. 

From the organizational perspective

At the organizational level, engaging assessments enable hiring teams to collaborate and focus on hiring goals, whether the goal is improved productivity, reduced turnover, or something else. They allow organizations to meet those goals and effectively transform their hiring process to support changing business needs.

As a society, we struggle to use our technology tools without losing the best and most essential parts of human interaction. Modern Hire’s focus on pre-employment assessment experiences enables TA practitioners to innovate multiple aspects of their process while maintaining the human perspective in hiring.