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Modern Hire Releases New Enhancements to Automated Interview Scoring Solution, Reducing Bias and Improving Hiring Outcomes

The new features provide hiring teams with industry- and job-specific verified Question Sets and AI-generated ranked recommendations to make interviewing at scale faster and more accurate

Cleveland and Delafield, Wisc. (December 14, 2021) –– Modern Hire, the leading enterprise hiring platform for video interviewing and pre-hire assessments, today announced  enhancements to its Automated Interview Scoring (AIS), an on-demand interview feature that uses rigorously developed advanced AI models to evaluate candidate responses and provide hiring teams with recommended scores.

Among the most pressing hiring challenges facing enterprises today is selecting candidates quickly and ethically, while ensuring an interview experience that is engaging and confidence building for hiring teams and candidates alike. With the company’s latest release of AIS, clients receive Modern Hire’s proprietary Question Sets verified across industries and jobs, plus ranked candidate recommendations – features specifically designed to mitigate bias, speed time to hire, and drive best-fit hiring outcomes.

“Modern Hire is the industry leader in enterprise hiring, and the evolution of Automated Interview Scoring is further evidence of this,” said Karin Borchert, CEO of Modern Hire. “From screening, scheduling and interviewing to sophisticated candidate assessments grounded in CognitIOn, our proprietary engine for ethical selection science, Modern Hire’s commitment to seriously better hiring drives each advancement and innovation to our intelligent hiring platform.”

With AIS’s new features, hiring teams can use Modern Hire’s verified Question Sets developed for several job families –– including banking and financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, call center, professional and sales –– across entry-level, experienced and managerial roles. Candidate responses to individual questions are scored, then automatically combined into a single candidate score, with AIS outputting ranked recommendations, lessening the burden on hiring teams and driving consistency on the criteria by which candidates are measured.

First launched in June 2021, AIS was designed to help interviewers avoid unconscious bias by providing a standardized, consistent and objective selection methodology that focuses only on the job-relevant aspects of candidates’ responses. Created by Modern Hire’s team of professionally trained Ph.D.-level experts, AIS’s selection methodology is rigorous and time-tested, based on expert human ratings of tens of thousands of candidate responses against job-relevant competencies known to predict success on the job. Natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning models are trained on the expert evaluations of answers to ensure that AIS reliably and automatically rates and ranks candidates in an interpretable, valid and fair manner. As a result, AIS has been shown to be over three times less biased than human interview scorers.

“Unlike the AI used elsewhere in the industry, Modern Hire’s AI models –– on which AIS and all of our hiring technology solutions are built –– are ethical, rigorous and science-based,” said Mike Hudy, Ph.D. and Chief Science Officer at Modern Hire. “We’re constantly improving our intelligent hiring technology to better serve our clients and their candidates to increase efficiency, accuracy and fairness in finding, evaluating and selecting talent.”

Modern Hire hosted a Webinar on December 1 focused on how AI can automate enterprise hiring processes ethically using Modern Hire’s verified Question Sets and ranked recommendations. To access the recorded demo, visit https://modernhire.com/see-how-ai-can-automate-your-hiring-ethically/.

To learn more about Modern Hire’s AIS and its latest enhancements, please visit: https://modernhire.com/platform/automated-interview-scoring/.

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Modern Hire’s intelligent hiring platform transforms each step of the process with screening, assessment, interview and workflow automation tools that make hiring more effective, efficient, ethical and engaging. Modern Hire is differentiated by its advanced selection science and is trusted by more than 700 leading global enterprises and nearly half the Fortune 100. Find out more about the company’s commitment to seriously better hiring. www.modernhire.com.