Mercy Health, Australia

Mercy Health is a Catholic community benefit organization founded by the Sisters of Mercy to deliver health, aged care and community services.

Each year they care for over half a million people across Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Attracting and retaining dedicated, skilled people to provide health services with compassion and respect is business critical and integral to Mercy Health.

Recruitment Context

Mercy Health implemented video interviewing for Aged Care and Community Services after conducting a successful pilot program in late 2012. Our solution has assisted hiring managers in screening and short-listing candidates prior to face-to-face interviews, significantly reducing the time spent on first round screening which was previously conducted via telephone.

Our video interviewing tool has been used for a range of roles across Aged Care and Home & Community Care, from entry level positions to senior roles. A total of 300 candidates have been interviewed for 16 positions including Cleaners, Personal Care Assistants (including PCA trainees), Personal Care Workers, Enrolled Nurses, Clinical Manager, Facility Manager, Rostering Coordinator and Team Coordinator.

Recruitment Process 

Video interviewing is used to screen agency candidates prior to proceeding with a face-to-face interview. Short-listed candidates are then invited to attend an assessment centre or a face-to-face interview. Face-to-face interviews are conducted by a minimum of two people, generally the hiring manager and a HR representative.

“For Mercy Health, one of the significant advantages of using video interviewing is the ability for our hiring managers across multiple site locations to view the interview and assess their suitability for the role.” – Sandra Cinar, HR Manager Aged & Community Care

Over 50% Time Savings 

Video interviews have now replaced the traditional telephone screening, resulting in a 50% time saving for Hiring Managers. Candidates are sent an invitation to complete the one-way video interview allowing them to complete the interview at their convenience within the allocated timeframe. Interviews are then watched in one sitting, further saving time for the Hiring Manager.

Due to the dispersed nature of Mercy Health’s sites, our solution has enabled viewers across multiple sites to view a candidate and quickly assess their suitability for the role. In addition to the time saved through conducting interviews with our tool, it has also resulted in less time spent trying to contact a candidate to schedule an interview time.


Since implementing our solution, Mercy Health has experienced a great number of candidates attending interviews and increased engagement from candidates in the recruitment process. Results have also shown that candidates screened through our solution are far more likely to translate into hires than candidates who have been screened via traditional methods.