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You Scored Level 4 – Predictive Analytics

Your responses indicate that your organization is likely at Level 4 of the Talent Analytics Maturity Model. This is an advanced level that indicates your organization is capable of sophisticated, coordinated data capture, and advanced analytics.

Characteristics of Level 4
  • At Level 4, organizations are able to not only capture and consolidate data, but apply advanced analytical techniques to understand how these datapoints interrelate. At a basic level, this might include finding that one variable is correlated with another. At a more advanced level, users might identify predictive relationships. For example, in talent management, you might analyze candidate data and find that candidates who have certain qualifications are more likely to be successful on the job. While analytics at this level can be quite sophisticated, they still tend to happen manually or in an ad-hoc fashion, rather than automatically and at scale as in Level 5.
  • How do you get to the next level? The key to Level 5 is the automation of analytics. To truly maximize the value of AI and big data, you must use scaled analytical capabilities to mine and understand data rather than manual, analyst-driven analyses.
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