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You Scored Level 1 – Basic Operational Reporting

Your responses indicate your organization is at Level 1 of the Talent Analytics Maturity Model. While you are just beginning, you are not alone, and the good news is there is much easy progress to be made.

Characteristics of Level 1
  • A focus on basic operational reporting, such as efficiency and compliance metrics and EEO reporting.
  • Few automated processes and reliance on a ad-hoc, manual reports.
  • Information is not well coordinated across units and relies on spreadsheets or siloed databases rather than integrated, connected datasets.
  • Basic level of analytics limits insight to only simplistic conclusions such as throughput volume of specific functions or areas within the organization.
  • Lack of integration.
How to Reach Level 2
  • Consider what data sources are useful to you at this stage and how you could gain access to them. Examples include candidate and hiring process data across the organization.
  • You may need to build a business case for securing the data you need and then work with IT to determine how to access it.
  • Identify a dashboard or similar solution that will allow you to analyze and view the data.
  • Download our guide to receive more guidance on how to get to the next level, fast. You’ll learn how to implement a modern and intelligent hiring platform that utilizes AI and predictive analytics to improve your hiring outcomes.
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