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3 Ways Video Interviewing Boosts Your Hiring Results

Will this be the year HR tech puts HR ahead of the curve? According to research by The Hackett Group, a majority of HR executives surveyed believe the impact of digital transformation will accelerate in their departments in 2020. Responders identified “leveraging technology to improve HR performance” as a critical area of development.

Video interviewing will be one of the key pieces of HR tech to help HR better deliver on organizational goals for talent attraction, hiring and retention. These may sound like lofty expectations for a simple video interview. However, video interviewing technology has evolved tremendously. Live and on-demand video interview technologies are now integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI), assessments, predictive analytics and workflow automation within enterprise hiring platforms. Deploying an enterprise hiring platform puts HR well on its way to digital transformation of its hiring processes, experiences, and results.

Modern video interviewing HR tech can boost your hiring results in ways you may not have considered:

Accelerating better hiring decisions

When there’s a shortage of anything, be it bottled water on the shelves before a hurricane or qualified candidates before the retail hiring season, the resources go to those who get there first. Faster hiring has become essential for all organizations. In some, speed is the driving factor of hiring success.

On-demand video interviews within an enterprise hiring platform help recruiters save time and speed up every step of the process to get to hiring decisions faster, even in high-volume hiring situations.

As important as speed is, organizations are (of course!) focused on making good hiring decisions, and that’s again where on-demand video within an enterprise hiring platform makes a difference. Some enterprise hiring platforms integrate trusted science in the form of job assessments. With these assessments, recruiters can provide hiring managers with the data to make informed decisions, and hopefully make them faster than others competing for the same talent. Need a deeper dive on assessments? Check out our blog, What Are Assessments, And Do I Really Need One?

Engaging passive candidates

Is there anything more powerful than a face-to-face conversation for getting a passive candidate to consider your role and your organization? Live video interviews utilizing the latest HR tech can boost hiring results by enabling you to make that personal connection sooner with passive candidates, on the other side of the country and just across town.

Candidates may want to meet a potential manager or team, or see your work environment. You can zero in on the things they prioritize and that will get them most excited about your opportunity as you interact via live interview.  Live interviews can positively impact hiring performance, especially when you’re recruiting for c-level roles, and for high-demand skill sets in industries like healthcare and IT.

Improving communication with candidates

When video interviewing is integrated in an enterprise hiring platform, it’s easy to keep the channels of communication open:

  • Candidates can use the device of their choice – smartphone, tablet or PC to participate in live and on-demand video interviews
  • On-demand video interviews can feature questions asked by a hiring manager, a welcome video by team members or company leadership, and more to help communicate your talent brand on multiple fronts
  • Schedule candidates’ live video interviews with a text message, chat or email, making scheduling easy for them
  • Simply and efficiently keep candidates updated and provide feedback using text, email or chat

Better communication can lead to a more engaging candidate experience, one that attracts the right-fit talent and sees them through your hiring process.

On-Demand Video Metrics in Healthcare

Digital transformation is well underway in Talent Acquisition Operations at Penn Medicine. The team replaced its traditional phone screen with Modern Hire’s on-demand video interviewing to improve efficiency and performance in this highly competitive talent market. Find out more about how the team’s digital process is driving results by leveraging the best HR tech in our case study.