From Black Box to Glass Box: Transparency Matters

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Are you using AI to make hiring decisions?

Do you know how it was developed? How it works? Who it impacts and how?

Using AI to inform high-stakes decisions about people means taking responsibility for the outcomes. It means a commitment to understanding how decisions are made and being accountable for its impact on your candidates and organization.

There’s a growing distrust of AI in the market because the technology is often used in a black box, where users can’t see or understand how decisions are being made. Modern Hire differs by taking an ethical Glass-Box ScienceTM approach that provides visibility into how data is collected and used.

Arm yourself with the knowledge to see through the AI hype and help set the standard for fair, effective hiring practices.

Modern Hire's Science Delivers More


The Potential Help and Harm of AI

AI has generated a fair amount of controversy in recent years.    

While the potential for AI to harm is an essential part of the artificial intelligence conversation, an equally vital part of the discussion are the ways AI techniques can mitigate bias and set standards for fairness above what current approaches offer 

Modern Hire is an innovative, science-driven organization.

We are the top, trusted market resource on the latest breakthroughs in science, ethical and applied AI, and business ideas around modern hiring.

Ethical, valid science makes all the difference.

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Our Science

CognitIOn by Modern HireTM is the science engine that drives everything we do today and foundational to how we’re transforming hiring tomorrow.

Built on the discipline and principles of industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology, CognitIOn is powered by

  • More than a billion candidate interactions
  • Practical application of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) techniques
  • Almost two decades of diligent, data-driven client research and practice.​

More than AI promises and data points, CognitIOn is the deepest and broadest talent intelligence available. It powers Modern Hire’s platform for hiring the most diverse, engaged, and qualified workforce.

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