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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Get Call Center Recruitment Right

Your call center agents can be difference-makers. Resolve a customer’s issue on the first call, and that customer is only 1% likely to switch to a competitor, according to 2020 research at VOIP-Info.org. No matter your market — financial services, consumer services, or another, first-rate call center agents can increase customer satisfaction and retention.

So, it’s no surprise that three in four (73%) of call center executives say agent turnover is one of the most substantial issues they face. How can you be sure you’re getting it right with call center recruiting? Science-based hiring can help you bring the most qualified call center candidates on board and reduce agent attrition.

Build your best call center workforce

If you can engage high volume of call center candidates with personal hiring experiences and accurately identify high performers who will stay with your organization, you’re on the road to your best call center workforce. 

Modern Hire’s Call Center Hiring Blueprints put you on that path with recommended workflows built around scientifically validated, call center role-specific assessment and interview content that enables recruiters to engage, evaluate and hire top talent faster. With Hiring Blueprints, you’re leveraging scientific evidence from decades of creating hiring tools across roles and industries. Hiring Blueprints are available for more than 40 particular roles, including seven call center positions. Each role-specific workflow is built around three or more hiring stages, which can include:

  • On-demand text or phone screen
  • On-demand realistic job preview
  • On-demand job-specific Virtual Job Tryout™ assessment
  • On-demand video interview
  • Live phone interview
  • Live face-to-face interview

With Modern Hire’s science-based virtual hiring platform, you can quickly and easily implement the right Hiring Blueprint as a proven strategy to meet your call center hiring needs. Candidates move from stage to stage seamlessly with Modern Hire technology that consistently creates candidate-friendly, efficient, and fair hiring experiences, whether you’re staffing up for 200 call center positions or 20,000. 

Modern Hire Call Center Hiring Blueprints

  • Call Center Manager
  • Call Center Collections
  • Call Center Sales
  • Call Center Service
  • Call Center Sales and Service
  • Call Center Financial
  • Call Center Customer Service

Call Center Manager Hiring Blueprint


Identify future performance with pre-employment assessments

Using a science-based pre-employment assessment like Modern Hire’s Virtual Job Tryout that predicts job performance and the likelihood of turnover is essential for improving call center hiring performance. 

Why are Virtual Job Tryouts so effective? First, they go beyond conventional cognitive and behavioral assessment using innovative exercises that simulate call center roles and provide evidence of how candidates are likely to perform in your environment. The Tryouts measure eleven competencies Modern Hire has identified as predictive of success in specific roles, so you can make offers to the candidates most likely to help you meet your crucial call center benchmarks. These call center competencies include manages priorities, communicates effectively, solves problems, and follows the rules and procedures. 

Second, Virtual Job Tryouts provide job simulations and realistic job previews that give your candidates deeper insight into the position and working for your organization. Modern Hire’s assessment experience helps candidates engage more fully in your process and better understand fit and preference for the job. You can give candidates personalized feedback about their strengths and areas for further focus, too. Virtual Job Tryouts support call center recruiting teams in creating a consistent, bias-free hiring process that is fair to all candidates. 

Call center representatives are faced with all kinds of challenges that can lead to agent turnover, from an overload of information to not enough customer context to too many different and separate systems.

With Modern Hire, call center candidates who perform well on Modern Hire Virtual Job Tryouts consistently receive high-performance ratings from their supervisors. At one of the largest bank-based financial services institutions in the U.S., candidates who performed well on the Virtual Job Tryout and were hired show 74% greater performance on goals. Read the case study. This client turned to Modern Hire to improve hiring call center agents’ accuracy capable of delivering a superior customer experience and reducing 90-day new-hire turnover rates. Managing attrition at the front end with call center recruitment can reduce costly onboarding.

Costs of Call Center Agent Onboarding:

  • $10-$20K average cost to onboard an agent
  • 2-4 weeks average time to onboard an agent

Source: Cisco Contact Center Global Survey 2020

Invest in improving your call center recruitment

Hiring the right team for your call center can make a massive difference when managing your customer experience, especially if your call center offers customers multiple options for accessing service. You want to be sure customers who need help from an agent get that high-quality response. Using proven hiring workflows and data-driven pre-employment assessments can help you make more informed hiring decisions that measurably improve your hiring results.