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Finding Employees You Can Trust to Work Remotely

We’ve entered a brave new world in the last few weeks as organizations have asked all employees who can to work from home. Americans are doing their best in this isolation period, while mobile networks and webinars strain under the sudden loads. It’s not too early to start thinking about being on the other side of COVID-19, and how organizations – and employees – may view remote work differently.  The need to plan for similar remote work circumstances in the future adds new dynamics to talent acquisition. How will you find employees and managers you can trust to work remotely? How will you adjust your hiring strategies if a higher percentage of the talent pool realizes they prefer to work from home?  We have a few ideas that can help.

Trust in candidate fit with pre-hire assessments

As many Americans are finding out, working remotely has its pros and cons. While it’s great to be able to throw in a quick load of laundry between video conference calls or get the dog out for a walk over lunch, some employees discover that remote work isn’t a good fit for them. They need the social interaction that comes from physically being in the work setting.

Organizations can identify applicants who are a better fit for remote positions using pre-hire assessments with a job simulation. A job simulation replicates the work environment and the types of tasks performed in the actual job. Assessments with a job simulation enable TA teams to leverage data to predict future job performance in remote roles. Scientifically-backed assessments like Modern Hire’s Virtual Job Tryout have higher predictive validity compared to other types of assessments, making them a higher-value strategy for hiring decision-making.

Job simulations also give applicants a solid look at the challenges, scenarios, and events they’ll encounter on the job, helping them to understand if their skills, abilities, and work preferences align with remote work for your organization.

The hiring experience that attracts the candidates you need

Identifying best-fit candidates for your remote positions is only half of the challenge. After COVID-19, you will still be facing the same talent acquisition battles. The need to offer candidates a hiring experience that is fast, simple, and informative.

TA teams can overcome the challenge of attracting and winning top talent for remote positions with an enterprise hiring platform. An all-in-one platform integrates the technology and tools you need to move candidates quickly through a modern, streamlined hiring process, from screening and interviewing to evaluation and hiring. For candidates, the experience is:

  • Engaging – AI-powered text interviewing enables candidates to quickly and conveniently engage with potential employers. By answering a few questions via text, qualified candidates can proceed directly to the next step in hiring, and others learn right away they can continue with their job search.
  • Immersive – Platforms with job simulations enable candidates to try out the tasks associated with the position and experience many of the problem-solving and decision-making situations they’ll face on the job. Job simulations also give candidates a feel for the work environment. However, with a comprehensive platform, you can do even more to provide candidates an employment preview. Welcome videos from leadership and day-in-the-life videos from potential co-workers can be integrated into on-demand video interviewing. Hiring managers can record the questions for on-demand interviews, so candidates start to get a sense of their potential supervisor. Every interaction that candidates have through an enterprise hiring platform will help them develop a more profound understanding of your employment opportunity.
  • Interactive – TA teams using an enterprise hiring platform can ramp up the feeling of engagement candidates have with the hiring process through interactive technologies like job simulations and text interviewing. They also have greater capabilities for frequent candidate communication, even with high-volume hiring. As a result, candidates can feel more connected and more in control.

Whether you need to find talented people for remote roles or onsite positions, talent acquisition still comes down to finding, identifying, and hiring candidates you trust. Job simulations that are part of a comprehensive hiring platform will provide the insights to know which candidates are best suited to meet your strategic objectives, collaborate with your teams, and best serve your organization’s customers.