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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Elevating the Personal Touch in Modern Hiring

Job seekers typically send “thank you” notes after an interview. Personal touches like this are an important aspect of the job hunt, and nobody – not employers nor job candidates – wants to lose those opportunities to see someone shine. When you’re in charge of recruitment strategies for a large employer and are frequently in the midst of making hundreds or thousands of new hires, it can be easy to lose sight of this. And that’s when hiring performance will plummet. The Modern Hire talent acquisition platform helps talent acquisition teams make hiring personal with on-demand interviews and multi-channel candidate engagement via a phone screening or online assessment. With pre-hire assessments like these, you can make candidates feel valued while reducing turnover in the long run.

What makes hiring experiences feel personal?

Ensuring that virtual interview candidates feel they are heard and respected during the hiring experience is at the core of personalized hiring experiences. With Modern Hire on-demand interviews, recruiters can elevate feelings of both thanks to the use of human resources software. In on-demand or asynchronous interviews, candidates are invited to complete recorded interviews on their time, at home, or elsewhere, when it’s convenient for their schedule. Recruiters have the flexibility to configure every aspect of the on-demand video interview, so your candidates experience a virtual interview that makes sense for the position they’re exploring with you.

Recruiters make sure candidates feel they are being heard by:

  • Inviting candidates to complete an on-demand interview within hours of first contact, showing you’re eager to get to know them. Engagement with them is your priority.
  • Asking job-specific questions, so candidates have the chance to present their technical capabilities and soft skills. Nothing is more frustrating to candidates than coming out of an interview feeling like they didn’t have the opportunity to showcase their qualifications due to a lack of pre employment skills testing.
  • Giving candidates the chance to re-record answers, so they feel they’ve had the opportunity to present their individuality and their best self. They say that the problem with first impressions is that you only get one shot but with Modern Hire’s talent acquisition platform, it’s a win-win for employers and prospective employees.

You can use on-demand interviews to ensure candidates feel valued, too:

  • Your candidates’ experiences with on-demand interviews are simple, convenient, immediate, and job-tailored, so they feel their time is respected and well invested in your hiring process.
  • You fulfill candidates’ desire to get to know your organization as an employer by integrating multimedia content. They land on your fully-branded, virtual company foyer as the virtual interview begins. Take the opportunity to offer them company videos, tips for success, job-related documents, and more. A welcome video from the hiring manager or company leaders can reinforce the personalized tone of this digital interview. Incorporate an employee day-in-the-life video to give candidates a taste of your work environment and employment experience. The Modern Hire platform’s ability to incorporate a job interview video makes it fast and straightforward to add content so that you can personalize your on-demand interviews for all of your roles.
  • With text, video, phone, and chat engagement options, you can meet candidates where they’re most comfortable.

Idea for visual (table format just to show idea, would omit grid lines; source is our 2019 Facts at a Glance piece)

Modern Hire’s on-demand interviews are well-received by candidates



94% candidate response rate in best-performing clients

91% candidate response rate in best-performing clients

70% average response rate across all clients and use cases

72% average response rate across all clients and use cases

48 hours average time for recruiters to receive responses after initial invite

25 hours average time recruiters receive responses after initial invite

Don’t choose between personalization and hiring performance

Modern Hire’s all-in-one platform  utilizes effective assessment strategies to enhance personalization and performance in hiring. On-demand interviews and the associated assessment tools help recruiters move through the top of the funnel quickly to identify the most qualified candidates while engaging with all candidates.

  • One-to-many messaging enables recruiters to invite an entire talent pool to complete an on-demand interview with a single email or text.
  • Recruiters can review dozens of on-demand interviews in the time it takes to complete one live interview, and have multiple options for consistent review and rating of candidates.
  • Top candidates can be immediately forwarded to hiring managers for their review and feedback. For those who won’t be moving on, a well-crafted email helps preserve the positive experience and doesn’t keep them waiting for a response.

Large enterprise organizations across industries are using Modern Hire’s assessment strategies, including on-demand interviews, to make hiring personal for many types of roles. Learn more by taking a look at our clients’ use cases and results:

Environmental services company shaves six days from its hiring process to keep top candidates engaged with on-demand voice.

CandE Award winner Humana improves its candidate experience and reduces evaluation time for thousands of candidates with on-demand video interview and voice.