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Discussion of Modern Hire AI Code of Ethics

In their weekly podcast, HR Tech Weekly hosts Stacey Harris and John Sumser discuss relevant news and topics in recruiting and HR technology. This week, Harris and Sumser discuss Modern Hire’s AI Code of Ethics and a range of other issues.

At Modern Hire, we respect the need for transparency in the application of AI technology to organizational employment, due to its potential for both beneficial and harmful effects. We believe there is no more important area of professional life than employment and organizational selection. The livelihood of both candidates and organizations is at stake. It is our firm position that no instrument or technology should be applied to the hiring process without being thoroughly vetted.

Sumser said, “everybody who delivers AI is going to have to make a statement that talks about safety and risk, in order to inform employees, managers, and other stakeholders about what they are actually getting in to. I think Modern Hire is at the head of the pack. […] They’ve demonstrated how to get started with a code of ethics, and it’s a great step forward, and it’s one that everyone will need to get on board with at some point in time.”

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