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Look Beyond Coding Assessments for Better Tech Talent

The global pandemic hasn’t put a halt to hiring for tech talent. In fact, in a more digitally dependent world than ever, the demand for software developers remains high. Companies in biotech, healthcare, and financial services face stiff competition for people who code from giants like Google and Facebook. Tesla, DoorDash, and Airbnb have moved into the realm of highest-paying tech employers to secure their workforce. Paying the top dollar isn’t an option for all organizations, however. Savvy recruiters are looking beyond coding assessments to improve their tech talent-hiring outcomes.

Advantages of an AI-enabled hiring platform for tech hiring

Coding assessments remain an essential part of the hiring process for software developer roles. But, when you consider data from Stack Overflow’s most recent Developer Surveys, it becomes clear that there’s much more to hiring good tech candidates:

  • 52% of professional developers are under age 30. These candidates grew up with the internet; smartphones were introduced when the most senior candidates in this talent pool were 17 years old. Their job search norm is a fast, convenient, digital hiring experience– that’s what will get their attention. An enterprise hiring platform like Modern Hire helps recruiters create the right mobile hiring experience. Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, Modern Hire’s platform builds on each candidate’s journey as they progress, cutting out redundant steps and the need to reenter information. It helps recruiting teams provide a smooth, organized, and personal hiring experience. Recruiting teams gain the information and the collaboration tools to move quickly on their first-choice candidates.
  • 5% of software developers rate office environment or company culture as the most important job factor in their search. Coding assessments tell you about them, but what about the reverse? Technology professionals (like most, if not all candidates) want to understand the environment before accepting an offer. An AI-enabled hiring platform allows recruiters to integrate company content at every hiring stage, so tech candidates are learning about your organization. That two-way flow of information is critical.
  • 40% of developers have less than five years of professional coding experience. When you combine this Stack Overflow, finding with the rapid rate of change in tech roles, coding assessments become less important. This is a classic TA situation in which recruiters need to find coder candidates with the attitudes and interpersonal skills that fit their organization. Training for specific platforms and DevOps processes can come on the job, and that is what happens. Almost 90% of software developers indicated in the Stack survey that they have taught themselves a new language outside of their formal education.

The disadvantages of looking for an extremely specific skillset

Coding assessments test for specific skill sets, but they shouldn’t always be the last word in hiring decisions. That narrow focus on a skill set can limit your candidate pool and take what could be some of your best long-term hires out of your funnel. An enterprise hiring platform allows you and your candidates to get to know each other and focus on the relationship rather than a transaction.

Also, it gives you the flexibility to hire 100% virtually. Software developers often work remotely, and in COVID times, even the potential on-premise new hires in your location could be quarantining in other cities or states. What would a Skype or Zoom interview say to candidates who earn their living working on purpose-built platforms? An enterprise hiring platform creates personal hiring experiences, virtual, in-person, and hybrid, to help recruiting teams engage top tech talent and make better hiring decisions.