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Client Appreciation Week Spotlight: Spectrum

By Michelle Barr, Client Success Manager

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Spectrum for just under a year now and I feel lucky that I get to work with this team every day. This client is so innovative, strategic, and just gets it. At Modern Hire, we truly believe that our science is the difference, and Spectrum believes that, too. They never stop innovating, are open to recommendations, and are first in line when we are launching new products and services. They are truly a valued partner in every way.

Over the years, we’ve seen that when a partner has a vision for their hiring process, the value of our partnership has the potential to increase exponentially. When it comes to its talent acquisition activities, Spectrum is very strategic and forward-thinking. They are not stuck in the weeds of the day-to-day but rather focus on the big picture. They are extremely thoughtful when it comes to designing workflows, implementing new assessments, and making the overall recruiting experience easier for their hiring teams.

Using Modern Hire, specifically our AI-powered Automated Interview Scoring, Spectrum has reduced the potential for adverse impact across gender and race and accurately predicted recruiter ratings. They have discovered that automated scoring is capable of replicating Spectrum ratings while allowing for a more standardized process that is resistant to interviewer fatigue, human biases, and inconsistencies, while remaining efficient, effective and, most of all, ethical.

As further proof of their innovation, Spectrum is our first client to evaluate a new product, Find My Fit. Through this new tool, Spectrum shows promise in improving gender diversity in traditionally male-dominated roles such as Field Technician and Direct Sales. It also helps to keep under-represented groups engaged in the challenging aspect of the hiring process.

I also appreciate how generous the Spectrum team is with their time. They regularly speak at our company events, share their insights and thoughts with our team, present on our webinars, and more. We consistently learn from each other, which is what makes the partnership so special.