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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

8 Tips to Rock Your Video Interview

What’s the easiest mistake to make with a video interview? Focusing on video and not enough on job interview. Don’t let your confidence and ease with video technology lull you into thinking, ‘I’ve got this!’ Coming across well in any kind of job interview takes some prep, which you can do with these 8 tips:

  1. Do research the industry. Read up on industry trends and pain points, so you can speak knowledgeably about working in this area, and attributes you bring that can help your new employer solve critical issues.
  2. Do practice your answer to ‘Why do you want this job?’ In your video interview, you can expect to get some form of this standard question. Spend time thinking about why the job and employer appeal to you, and weave them into a few concise phrases to use in your answer.
  3. Do ask yourself, ‘Why should they hire me?’ Help the recruiter or hiring manager reach their understanding of your fit faster by being able to articulate specific requirements you meet. Be sure to show your enthusiasm, too.
  4. Don’t go without practicing. This is your chance at what could be a life-changing opportunity, so set aside time in advance to practice telling your story. Practice will help you be more confident, more concise, and ensure you hit all of the points you want to make. Note that recruiters aren’t looking for rehearsed answers – they’re more interested in your conversation skills.
  5. Do wear appropriate dress. Choose clean, well-fitting attire that you would wear on the job. When in doubt, ask the recruiter about dress code. This is a common and appropriate question from candidates.
  6. Do check your camera angle for video interviews. The best camera position for a video interview is eye level. Practice holding your smartphone or set up your webcam in advance to make sure you’re not looking up or looking down into the lens. While you’re at it, check the audio settings too so interviews can hear you clearly without being blasted.
  7. But, don’t check your phone during the interview. The #2 deal-breaker for recruiters is checking your smartphone, according to Jobvite’s 2017 Recruiter Nation survey. The only behavior that will blow up your chances faster is being rude to the receptionist or support staff in an on-premise interview.
  8. Do end on a positive note. Whether you feel the conversation’s gone well or gone wrong, be sure to be upbeat in your last comments and thank the interviewer for his or her time. With today’s talent shortages, many companies are looking to hire ‘runner-up’ candidates in addition to their top pick, so there could very well be a happy ending coming your way.

Bonus tip: Get into the video interviewing platform early so you have a few minutes to check it out. Expect to be able to focus on your video interview, not the technology, since purpose-built interviewing software is designed for a great candidate experience.