Your Complete Guide to Seasonal Hiring in Retail

With more than 7,000 store closings in 2017 alone, seasonal hiring in retail for this holiday season promises to be a whole new ball game. Many retailers have new customer service initiatives underway aimed at improving shoppers loyalty, while others have started recruiting earlier than ever for seasonal jobs. Last years hiring process may leave you with a skills gap in your talent pool and unfilled positions. What’s your plan to compete and win in this upcoming retail hiring season?

Find Fit Faster with Integrated Interviews & Assessments

Proven, validated industry assessments give recruiters and the hiring team another set of data points to use in decision-making about candidate fit. If you haven’t had access to assessments in the past, or you wanted to avoid an extra step in the process, there’s an alternative to consider. Some purpose-built video interviewing software now offers combined on-demand video interviews and assessments to increase speed to hire and provide a seamless hiring experience for candidates.

Several types of assessments are available, including personality, competency and work style. They can offer good insights for roles that require advanced retail skills beyond customer service and building client rapport. The combined experience is nice for candidates because it cuts down the number of steps and different technologies they use. The integration helps recruiters identify qualified candidates faster, so they can get to the job offer stage sooner. When exploring potential video interviewing platforms, don’t overlook a question to interviewing technology partners about working with validated assessment vendors.

Shorten the Cycle with Seasonal Hiring in Retail

Retail candidates will get multiple job offers. To make sure yours in is the running, look for ways to cut time from your cycle with seasonal hiring in retail. Get interested candidates immediately into your process by socializing links to on-demand interviews, and with on-the-spot video interviews during hiring fairs and events. Many companies are replacing traditional phone screens with on-demand text and voice interviews to reduce lag time between application submission and contact with a recruiter. Use automated scheduling to increase efficiency and speed with interview coordination, and automated reminders to keep hiring managers timely with their feedback. Every opportunity you can find to streamline hiring will make a positive impact on your 2018 seasonal talent pool.

Start Lasting Relationships

New hires that don’t last, especially during seasonal hiring, can create extra hiring needs and sap your team’s resources. They may also have a negative effect on your digital talent brand. The first step to building a lasting relationship with employees is the great hiring experience they have as candidates. That’s where an emotional connection emerges, which, if your candidate experience authentically represents your organization, will build the longer employees stay. The impacts of a satisfied, engaged workforce are known: higher customer satisfaction and greater employee retention. In seasonal hiring scenarios, these employees may come back to work for you year after year.

It takes purpose and commitment to overcome the emerging challenges in retail hiring this year. The right technology is essential, too. Contact us today if you’d like to explore your organization’s seasonal and high-volume hiring potential with a purpose-built interviewing platform.