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Wyndham Destinations: Enhance Hiring Performance



Wyndham Destinations has built a global reputation for exceptional travel and vacation experiences worldwide. The world’s largest vacation ownership, exchange and rental company, Wyndham has a presence in more than 100 countries and a team of 25,000 service-oriented associates. Millions of families spend their vacations at a Wyndham Destination property each year.



Staffing the entire range of positions for a vacation property is a frequent challenge for Wyndham. To open a new facility in Portland, Oregon, its TA team piloted a new and innovative workflow to meet hiring goals in just three weeks.



Starting with a talent list sourced through Indeed and boosted with Facebook targeted ads, Wyndham’s team pushed 760 interested candidates to a Modern Hire text interview and registration for a hiring event through a social invite. Candidate response ran about 30%.

Using information captured with text interviewing, the team could identify positions which had the most interest (Front Desk) and those lacking candidates (Housekeeping). They quickly shifted their marketing to bring in a diverse array of candidates for every job type.

The text interviews helped cement candidates’ interest and motivated them to attend the hiring event. Armed with the text interview information in advance, Wyndham was able to right-size its hiring team to handle just over 200 interviews and identified 38 hires during their 9-hour event.



The hiring event had high turnout. The team shared candidates’ text responses with interviewers so they could start every interview with a more personalized discussion. For candidates, the hiring experience was simple, convenient, and tailored to their interests.

The Wyndham team’s use of Modern Hire on-demand text interviews kept candidates interested and informed and delivered critical candidate insight the team used to align their marketing messaging with hiring requirements. With their mixed-use of sourcing and Modern Hire, Wyndham was able to staff 90% of open positions in a single day. The team now uses this highly effective strategy to staff locations nationwide.