Work Smarter Using Your Interviewing Platform

   |    2 minutes read

Modern Hire

Video interviewing software can make your life easier, especially when your platform is purpose-built for hiring. Although you know its functionality inside and out, there still may be a few ‘A-ha!’ opportunities to save even more time or elevate your candidate experience even further. Check out these five tips and tricks to work even smarter with your interviewing platform:

1. Use auto reminders

Everybody’s schedule is crazy-busy in today’s world, but how much time should you spend giving people a little nudge? Use your interviewing platform’s auto reminder feature to keep your hiring process moving and your players on track. Auto-remind candidates about interviews or to set one up; auto-remind hiring managers to send their feedback after a certain period has passed. This automatic feature saves you time and makes you look incredibly organized.

2. Automated scheduling – don’t go a day without it

Automated scheduling technology has proven ROI. Recruiters using Modern Hire save an average of 50 minutes per candidate. So, use it if you have it, or make the business case to get it. Make the most of its time- and effort-saving benefits by using it with every type of interview you schedule, every day.

3. Tailor on-demand interviews to the role

Make your interviews more candidate-centric by taking advantage of the many configuration options for on-demand interviews. Try on-demand text interviews with student candidates to quickly identify those who have the valid driver’s license needed for the role. Engage a large talent pool for call center positions by inviting candidates to complete an on-demand phone interview that includes a simulated issue to be solved. At job fairs, give booth visitors the chance to immediately engage by completing an on-demand text or video interview on the spot. By broadening your use of on-demand interviewing, you get better insight from candidates into their fit, and create a more satisfying hiring experience.

4. Keep track of runner-up candidates

If you’re in the enviable position of having several qualified candidates for a role, keep those ‘silver medalists’ who aren’t hired on your radar by tagging them with their ratings and key qualifications. You can then search, filter and find them within your interviewing solution easily when another position is open. It’s an efficient way to keep your talent pool organized.

5. Build Your Employer Brand

You spend a lot of time sharing your organization’s story with candidates and selling it as a great place to work. Why not build a little video library of your sales pitch using your interviewing solution? Record your own video on your smartphone, and ask a few employees to record a quick video on a day in their life at work, and why they like working there. An executive could give a 60-second overview of the direction your company is headed. These videos can be integrated in your hiring workflow at your discretion, saving you time while also giving candidates an authentic inside look. It’s exactly the kind of information candidates want to access during their job search.

Need to build a business case? Work smarter on that too.

If these strategies sound good, but you don’t have an interviewing platform yet, here’s how to work smarter to get it. We’ve assembled 6 Strategies to Make Your Business Case for Video Interviewing. Download it today for ideas on bringing efficiency and better hiring to your organization with video interviewing software.