Will Technology Solve Your Hiring Challenges? 5 Ways to Tell

September 25, 2018    |    2 minutes read

Modern Hire

The end of the year is approaching, it’s time to explore your priorities for 2019. If you’re aiming to elevate hiring performance in today’s hyper-competitive market, hiring technology could be your solution to your hiring challenges. Will the investment drive the results you need? Here are five ways to tell.

1. Are your recruiters overwhelmed?

Traditional recruiting processes don’t give recruiters the tools to handle the modern influx of candidates and data. If your team is being crushed by administrative tasks, technology can be your game-changer. You have options for automating repetitive tasks, like scheduling interviews, and for elevating communication with candidates to make your process more engaging and transparent. These platforms let recruiters focus more of their time on selling your brand and winning better candidates, rather than your hiring challenges.

2. Are you losing top candidates because you’re too slow?

Some purpose-built video interviewing software is proven to help increase speed to hire. These solutions offer applications like on-demand text interviews, which allow your team to quickly identify better candidates to focus on. On-demand video and voice interview applications engage candidates with your hiring process faster and make it easier for hiring managers to quickly review a slate of candidates and provide timely feedback. With the integration of on-demand interviews and automated scheduling in a mobile-first video interviewing solution, your team could cut the time between application and first contact to just a day or two, and move your top candidates through your hiring cycle up to two weeks faster.

3. Does your candidate experience show you’re an innovative company?

Your organization’s history and stability may be working against you if candidates regard you as an old-style employer. Modern technologies can help you create a hiring process which counteracts that perception and more accurately reflects your talent brand and modern values. Research with candidates who’ve experienced a modern hiring process indicates 98% think the use of video interviewing shows the employer is innovative and forward-thinking.

4. Is doing more with less a priority?

If it is, then technology proven to deliver results is a clearly an option to explore. The ROI on some video interviewing software is 5-10x, often within the first 90 days. TA leaders who integrate this technology in their workflow gain significant reductions in time-to-fill and interview-to-hire metrics.

5. Do you need to increase diversity in hiring?

Diversity and inclusion is one of the many hiring challenges many TA teams face. Technology provides you with the ability to support diversity goals by:

  • Helping you give candidates insight into your current workforce, team environment and culture
  • Extending your reach to candidates geographically
  • Offering candidates choices in the devices they use to connect with you
  • Delivering a transparent, consistent hiring experience to all candidates
Sourcing the Right Partner

Modern technologies can improve your hiring results, especially when you choose the right technology partner. In the case of video interviewing software, there’s a wide spectrum of organizations offering an equally wide spectrum of functionality. Keep in mind that not all video interviewing platforms are designed for the complexity and requirements of global and large-enterprise hiring. Too, not every company may prioritize the candidate experience like you do.