Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Recruiters?

   |    2 minutes read

Jan 02, 2018
robot in chair

Within the next few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be deployed in 95% of talent acquisition technology solutions. AI is already being used to automate many of the administrative tasks that consume recruiters’ time, like scheduling, and AI’s functionality is expanding with each passing day. So, will artificial intelligence replace recruiters?

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Recruiters? Here are three reasons why the answer is no.
  1. Don’t Take the “Recruit” Out of Recruiters
    Ask any HR professional about what makes a recruiter great at their job, and you’ll hear about their ability to create and sustain relationships. If traits and skills like “good communicator”, “listens well”, and “persuasive” are the reasons why recruiters are hired by organizations, then it doesn’t make sense to turn to AI for tasks that leverage a recruiter’s strength. Creativity, empathy, subtlety and persistence still belong to the recruiter.
  2. Would You Trust Your Most Strategic Asset To AI?
    Technologies of all kinds are advancing rapidly, but AI in TA solutions is still evolving. Video interviewing is well on its way with AI. It’s important that such innovation can be applied today, using data and science in ways that are proven, valid and without risk. However, not all providers have taken this same approach. At some, AI has been developed without regard to candidate engagement while also meeting the expectations of fair, consistent and non-biased hiring practices. When AI is embraced the right way at the right points in the recruiting process, it can be a powerful assistant for recruiters not a substitute.
  3. Recruiter + AI = Powerful Hiring Results
    TA drives the most value from AI when recruiters can use it to be more strategic in their role. I believe AI should be leveraged to handle the rote, timing-consuming tasks associated with hiring resulting in not only increased efficiency, but also increased effectiveness and impact. When used correctly, AI gives recruiters the opportunity to be more strategic with their time. They have more time for conversations with quality candidates and building the relationships that lead to more accepted offers. Savvy recruiters will embrace AI as technology that can help them balance efficiency with personal interaction to achieve better hiring results.
AI drives value when it’s used to drive efficiencies and enable faster, smarter hiring decisions for recruiters, not replace them.

Today’s candidates are looking for a faster, more convenient hiring process, but it’s the human touch that drives their emotional engagement. With AI to assist, recruiters can be both high-tech and high-touch to provide a better candidate experience.