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Decoding Talent: How AI and Big Data Can Solve Your Company’s People Puzzle

Get the inside track on what really makes hiring so difficult, the intensifying consequences of bad people decisions, and a straightforward, real-world roadmap for how to begin to use modern data tools to solve it all.

“A clear and powerful plan for how to leverage tech, data, and AI to finally and truly revolutionize HR and talent management.
—Jim Livingston, chief people office, Rock Central

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Harness the Power of AI in Hiring

The typical hiring process is fraught with complexity, inefficiency, and bias and often shuts out the most talented candidates. Decoding Talent: How AI and Big Data Can Solve Your Company’s People Puzzle makes the case for using complex advanced technologies to move past these problems toward effortless optimal candidate decisions.

AI experts Eric Sydell, Mike Hudy, and Michael Ashley explain why the traditional resume-based process is out of date, why hiring is difficult, the cost of bad people decisions, how bias interferes in hiring practices, and how AI can address these problems.

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What People Are Saying about Decoding Talent

"In the current tight labor market, many will find Decoding Talent an insightful guide from experts in the field. The book is designed to challenge readers to think differently rather than to understand AI or how to run human resources."

“Decoding Talent does an amazing job of making the complexity of data and AI for HR and talent pros seem simple and obtainable. It’s a must-read for organizations looking to transform their people practices to world-class levels!”
—Tim Sackett, author of The Talent Fix

Decoding Talent takes a pragmatic and research-based look at how AI can better inform people decisions. While highlighting the power of data, the authors point out the importance of using quality data and the responsibilities decision makers have when using AI. This is a must-read before bringing AI into the talent space.”
Seth Zimmer, PhD, assistant vice president of organizational assessment and development, AT&T

“There are still so many inefficiencies and wasted effort in the hiring and talent management processes. The use of AI in people decisions is extremely powerful but fraught with challenges, many of which we cannot yet anticipate.  Decoding Talent provides a blueprint for how to begin to understand and use this tool with a balanced, monitored approach and, in so doing, create more ethical, more productive hiring and world-changing talent management capabilities.”
—Jennifer Tracy, vice president of talent attraction and acquisition, Spectrum

“This is a rare and valuable book that clearly explains the benefits, limitations, and social responsibility associated with using complex machine-learning algorithms to build workforces. . . . Using illustrative examples that reflect the authors’ decades of real-world business experience, the book explains these tools in an accessible manner without oversimplifying how they work, underselling their value, or overpromising their potential. It should be basic reading for anyone exploring use of machine learning as way to improve hiring effectiveness.”
—Steven T. Hunt, PhD, SIOP Fellow and author of Hiring Success: The Art and Science of Staffing Assessment and Employee Selection



Meet the Authors

Eric Sydell, PhD

Eric is an industrial-organizational psychologist, seasoned entrepreneur, and skilled consultant with more than two decades of experience working in the recruiting technology and staffing industries. An expert in artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning, psychometrics, and their practical application in hiring, Eric regularly writes and speaks on these topics, both in the media and at academic and industry conferences worldwide. Eric currently serves as executive vice president of innovation at Modern Hire, where he oversees all research and product innovation initiatives.

Mike Hudy, PhD

Mike is an industrial-organizational psychologist and industry expert in predictive modeling using human capital data, experiment design, and talent analytics. He was one of the founding scientists of Shaker International, an innovative hiring consulting and solutions firm, where he was executive vice president of science. Currently serving as chief science officer at Modern Hire, Mike is skilled in deciphering talent acquisition complexities and ambiguities to create practical, effective, and satisfying solutions for organizations and their candidates.

Michael Ashley

Michael is a former Disney screenwriter and the author of more than twenty-five books on numerous subjects. A regular contributor to Forbes and Entrepreneur, Michael writes about AI and big data from his vantage point as part of the United Nations’ AI for Good summit series. Also an ambassador for City.AI, an international organization for the ethical use of tech, he is an in-demand professional speaker who keynotes on average three to four times a month for various organizations. In addition, Michael serves as a story consultant for companies on how to best convey their messaging.


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