4 Ways to Convince Your Manager You Need Recruiting Automation

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Modern Hire

You’d never say your TA manager is a dinosaur per se, but there’s a clear lack of enthusiasm about taking your recruiting process digital. It’s up to you to thaw the hard freeze on technology and get your team the time-saving, candidate-reaching tools you need to compete. How can you open their mind? Here are four ways to get the conversation on recruiting automation started.

Uncover their real objections to recruiting automation.

An individual’s reluctance to adopt new technologies often stems from a lack of understanding or doubts that the new solution is truly a change for the better. Common misconceptions about recruiting automation range from ‘We’d lose transparency in our process’, to ‘Candidates would rather work with our recruiters than an AI chatbot.’ Or, your manager may not realize that today’s automated recruiting platforms are typically Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), so they are less costly and much easier and faster to deploy than legacy systems you have now. Ask for a listening session with them. Your goal in this meeting is not to change their mind, but to understand reservations and secure buy-in for you to look into a solution or two to verify or dispel these concerns.

Show recruiting automation helps you eliminate pain points.

Solving a chronic challenge for your TA team can create almost immediate buy-in for new tech. Pinpoint your department’s biggest issues and give your manager the specifics on automated recruiting software as the solution. Here are a few examples:

The Issue: Identifying qualified candidates quickly in a large talent pool

You have tons of applicants due to your smart top-of-funnel strategies, but you can’t get through the talent pool fast enough or even at all. The top candidates are getting scooped by faster offers and you’re leaving a portion of your applicants untouched and feeling slighted. Recruiting automation enables you to pre-qualify an unlimited number of candidates with a brief text interview. You engage all candidates in a positive experience as soon as they apply. They find out quickly whether they’ll advance in your process. A virtual recruiting assistant can automatically invite candidates who meet set criteria to complete an on-demand interview or schedule their live interview. Set this in motion and your time is freed for you to engage with high-potential candidates.

The Issue: Increasing diversity in hiring

More than 8 in 10 (85%) of TA professionals report they’re under pressure to increase hiring diversity. Recruiting automation can support your efforts to reduce unconscious bias with efficiency, at scale. Unbiased Candidate Review technology masks candidates’ identity and voice while hiring managers are reviewing on-demand voice and video interviews. That information stays masked until the manager enters the yes/no decision to advance the candidate. This automated recruiting solution creates a simple yet effective process that you can deploy with hiring managers consistently throughout your hiring.

Link the value of recruiting automation to the bottom line.

Help your manager see the enterprise-level impact recruiting automation can have by bringing HR and business metrics into the conversation. Show how digital recruiting tools will help you increase your efficiency and accelerate your hiring process. 

For instance, with Modern Hire’s automated scheduling:

  • Recruiters save an average of 50 minutes per candidate
  • More than half (54%) of candidates schedule within the first two hours of an invite, and 84% schedule within the first 24 hours

The positive hiring experience you can create for all candidates with recruiting automation also contributes to your organization’s financial picture. According to 2018 Talent Board research, 70% of candidates who rated their hiring experience as 5-star were willing to increase their relationship with that company even though most weren’t hired. On the flip side, 50% of candidates who rated their hiring experience as 1-star were willing to sever their relationship as applicants, consumers, and online ambassadors.

Show them the proof.

There’s no question the TA landscape is changing. Modern Hire research indicates 51% of organizations have automated their screening, sourcing and scheduling using AI. Share some case studies of companies in your industry or that have similar hiring challenges with your manager. Use their success with recruiting automation to show them the proof. If you’re a healthcare recruiter or hiring for call center positions, check out this case study about text recruiting.

Moving Your Manager from Hesitation to Decision

Though recruiting automation isn’t itself complex purchase, the decision-making process to deploy it can be difficult. If you’re in a large-enterprise organization, chances are your manager will need to gain the support of four or five other company leaders. Professionals in IT, Legal, Compliance and the C-suite will need to understand why recruiting automation has become must-have technology, and what the expected return on investment will be. This complexity could be the underlying source of your manager’s reluctance.

What can you do to help? If you have approval to explore automated recruiting platforms, make a track record of partnership part of your criteria. You want an experienced tech partner who’s just as invested in your success with recruiting automation as you. You can also share this blog, How to Create a Successful HR Tech Strategy, with your manager. It’s full of ideas for easing the decision-making process and ensuring your adoption of recruiting automation is a success.