What’s Your Recruiting Superpower?

   |    2 minutes read

Modern Hire

You may not wear a cape or carry a shield at work every day, but make no mistake recruiters are the superheroes of their organization. Like milder-mannered Avengers, recruiters are able to withstand crushing workloads and bring distracted hiring managers into line. You’re saving candidates daily from a poor hiring experience, so you must have a special recruiting superpower.

Check this list to discover your recruiting superpower:

Stronger with technology

Look past Tony Stark’s playful personality to focus on his brilliance with technology. Wearing his techy Iron Man armor, he’s stronger, faster and more capable at doing just about everything. He’s also integrated his artificially intelligent computer J.A.R.V.I.S. into the suit for better data access. If you’re using assistive technology like interviewing software to accelerate quality hires, you’re an Iron Man recruiter (even if you don’t have an exoskeleton that helps you fly.)

Motivated by strong values

Captain America isn’t the only Avenger to have mighty strength. What may be unique is his strong 1940s-era integrity and personal code of action, which he also uses to persuade others to do the right thing. If you’re always looking out for your candidates and hiring managers, and you strive to be the best recruiter you can be, you deserve a pair of Captain America’s helmet wings.



If you rely on your intuition in assessing candidates and can sense candidates fit for a role, you may be more like Spiderman than you’d realized. Spiderman’s intuitive “spidey-sense” helps him recognize danger as well as opportunities for doing good. If only recruiters had his web-shooting abilities to capture the best candidates’.

Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange, a sorcerer of immense proportions, has the power of time on his side. He can see into the future, and turn back time. He can also suspend time or change its rate of passing for those around him. Who wouldn’t want this superpower? Just think, you could make the hiring cycle speed up or predict who will be hired. Wait, modern recruiters are making that happen already, with technology.

Black Widow

Team strengthener

Black Widow’s official powers are her athleticism, marksmanship, martial arts training, expertise with weaponry and espionage, and her ability to create a distraction. A true superhero in her own right, she often plays the role of super-supportive teammate for other Avengers. She’s someone who can sense the teams gaps and knows just the right moves to shore up the aggregate strength of the Forces for Good. If you’re that collaborative recruiter, a colleague who looks beyond his or her own goals to support the bigger picture, then count yourself a superstar.