What will hourly candidates face in the post-pandemic job market?

May 5, 2020

Erin Iafelice

Dire forecasts are predicting unemployment in the U.S. rivaling levels not seen since the Great Depression. Millions of hourly employees were laid off at the end of Q1 2020, and the number is expected to rise as the pandemic continues. That’s terrible news for both job seekers and the recruiters who may already be experiencing a deluge of applications as their organizations respond to the situation. Here’s what we expect candidates and recruiters/talent assessment teams hiring for hourly jobs will be facing in the coming months:

A concentration in the types of positions being filled.

Grocery and household goods stores, pharmacies, delivery, and warehouse companies, and similar essential businesses have already started massive hiring/talent acquisition campaigns to handle increased customer demand. Many of the jobs in high demand right now at these organizations are hourly positions, which could open up opportunities for those currently unemployed. Whether those jobs will stick around as part of the country’s economic restructuring remains to be seen.

A digital divide in hiring experiences.

Though many organizations are in the midst of a shift to digital interviews, others are not. For candidates, the digital divide between employers using an all-in-one platform like Modern Hire and those who are not will become painfully clear. Candidates who’ve applied to companies without online interview options in place can expect slow response times and infrequent communication and updates from recruiters trying to manually wade through the clog at the top of their funnel.

Candidates can also expect a less-than-ideal experience from employers using consumer tech like Skype and Hangouts, or platforms like WebEx and Zoom to take their hiring online. A video interview via these platforms is simply that – an online meeting dropped into the middle of the hiring process. For candidates unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the technology, it could prove highly frustrating. And, use of these platforms doesn’t help recruiters handle administrative pre employment screening tasks like scheduling interviews and follow up communication or collaborate with hiring managers, so candidates shouldn’t expect to get job offers any sooner.

 Some organizations will make hiring personal.

The good news for hourly workers is that companies like FedEx, Walmart, and CVS Health are using technology and HR software designed to improve candidates’ experiences when they apply for high-volume jobs. Given the number of applicants for positions at essential businesses, it only makes sense for these employers to use a platform like Modern Hire, which leverages artificial intelligence for recruiting, algorithms, and automated workflows to enable fast, convenient, personal hiring experiences for thousands of candidates.

Modern Hire’s Virtual Job Tryout technology is one of the ways that delivery/logistics, retail, healthcare, and other essential businesses are personalizing the ways a candidate will experience their online assessment. Virtual Job Tryouts are job-specific pre-employment screenings with realistic job previews. Candidates get to experience what the job is like by interacting with the job simulator and doing a range of simulated tasks and responding to a series of job-relevant exercises. When the employer chooses a tailored Virtual Job Tryout, candidates also gain insight into the employment experience through custom branding, messaging, and images. According to the most recent Talent Board candidate research report, this is precisely the kind of information candidates want more of in a hiring experience – whether it be completed in a traditional setting or as a video interview.

Virtual Job Tryout technology is integrated into the Modern Hire platform, so recruiters can invite thousands of candidates to participate quickly and efficiently. The virtual job tryout evaluates candidates on the essential performance drivers for the specific job, using big data and predictive analytics as well as HR AI to provide the hiring team with data and insights for better decision-making. For candidates, Virtual Job Tryouts are part of a seamless hiring sequence that may have started with outreach through text recruiting or on-demand video interview and may continue with a live video interview or phone interview.

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Candidates will be fast-tracked with Hiring Blueprints

To help organizations create personal hiring experiences for all hourly candidates, Modern Hire recently introduced Hiring Blueprints. Hiring Blueprints enable recruiters to quickly fill critical, high-volume roles by making every step of the hiring test predictive for the hiring team.  This approach also delivers a more engaging virtual job tryout for candidates through realistic job previews, an online assessment, two-way content, and frequent communications. This is the kind of experience job seekers can expect now and in the post-pandemic market as more organizations use an enterprise platform like Modern Hire to intensify the two-way nature of hiring.