What We’re Learning about the Future of HR During the Pandemic: Recruiting for Urgent Jobs

May 4, 2020

Erin Iafelice

As we see across the nation and the globe, systems in many industries weren’t built to handle a pandemic. In businesses deemed essential, major recruitment drives are underway to bring in extra resources to meet unprecedented demand. LinkedIn is taking extraordinary steps amid the COVID-19 crisis to facilitate hiring solutions for critical jobs. Arguably one of the first places for job seekers and employers to meet online, LinkedIn offers free job postings to companies in fields required to fight the coronavirus. Moreover, LinkedIn has created an urgent jobs board “to give these openings more priority visibility. People whose skills match up with those needed for these jobs who visit LinkedIn’s jobs homepage will see the special listings highlighted.” The linking of an applicant’s skills with an employer’s needs is an example of AI in HR and it goes to show what’s possible with pre-employment testing.

In the post-pandemic world, LinkedIn’s urgent job board could be one of the career assessment innovations that stays with us. Organizations worldwide are already implementing strategies for improved response to future crises, including recruiting solutions for rapidly bringing on employees with relevant experience. At Modern Hire, quickly linking up candidates with appropriate skill sets to employers who need them is what our all-in-one hiring platform is designed to do. For years we’ve partnered with leading organizations in industries that are essential right now, from healthcare to logistics and more. Here’s how we’re deploying assessment strategies to improve hiring experiences and results:

Pre-employment Screening is Connecting the right nurse candidates with hiring managers faster.

Speed, convenience, and branded hiring experiences are the keys to hiring top nurse candidates. At HCA, Northwell Health, and Penn Medicine, healthcare recruiters have the technology tools to reach and engage nurse candidates where they are in a hiring experience that prioritizes digital convenience. This is an effective example of employment screening services in action and the Modern Hire platform enables short text interviews to engage nursing talent, and automated advancement to move candidates quickly to the next step. That “next step” can include  an on-demand interview that recruiters will review, or a live phone interview screening or job interview via video with a hiring manager. Healthcare recruiters also leverage Modern Hire’s Virtual Job Tryouts for nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNAs). In Virtual Job Tryouts, candidates perform simulated job tasks while gaining insight into the organization’s everyday work experience. Modern Hire has pre-configured its Virtual Job Tryout for five healthcare roles that are ready to implement and proven to increase recruiter efficiency. This form of human resource management offers pre-employment screening that can narrow down a pool of applicants and boost outcomes for all involved.

Recruitment Tactics to Quickly engage more candidates in the logistics talent pool.

Adobe Analytics reports that online shopping has surged during the COVID-19 crisis, with overall online sales up by 25%, and online grocery shopping by more than 100% as of March 31, 2020. Logistics companies are under short deadlines to staff up to meet the surge in home deliveries – a similar situation to their seasonal hiring. To reach deeper and faster into its talent pool for holiday hiring, one global courier delivery service integrated Modern Hire’s automated scheduling solution into its interview scheduling option and overall hiring process.

It saw significant improvements:

  • Applicant wait for first recruiter contact reduced from 6 days to 1 day
  • 66% of the 80,000 candidates self-scheduled their one-way interview within 24 hours
  • 68% of candidates were scheduled for interviews, a 15% improvement over the prior year

Download the case study for more details on this logistics company’s improved online interviewing success.

Assessing fit for freight handler positions to improve retention and can reduce turnover.

A multinational retail corporation and Modern Hire client hires about 2,000 freight handlers in the U.S. per month to keep its grocery and department stores stocked. Looking for a strategy to reduce turnover and retain its best-qualified associates, the company partnered with Modern Hire to implement Virtual Job Tryouts. Modern Hire developed a custom Virtual Job Tryout that engaged candidates in freight loading, math, order filling, situational judgment, work history, and work style exercises. This pre-hire talent assessment is a skills test capable of providing vital insight into the essential performance drivers for the freight handling role, enabling the recruiting team to identify the candidates who were:

  • 2x more likely to be effective overall in the position
  • rated as having a 17% increase in productivity

By using Modern Hire’s pre-employment screening, this organization’s TA team avoided nearly 1,000 replacement hires every 12 months and delivered $5.5M in savings through better freight handler retention.

After COVID-19, TA leaders will be examining their emergency recruiting efforts to identify and formalize new best practices regarding the use of HR software, AI in recruitment and more. At the same time, more emphasis will be placed on quality in hiring. Having a strong workforce in place ensures organizations are better prepared to handle whatever the future may bring.