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What to Expect with Modern Assessment Methods for Hiring

If you haven’t looked for a new job in a while, get ready to experience something different the next time you make a career move. Many organizations have advanced to an entirely virtual or near completely virtual process. That includes their assessment methods for hiring. Here’s a rundown of the types of hiring assessment methods you are likely to encounter.

  1. Job simulations. More than half of companies use job simulations to assess candidates in hiring, and that number is increasing. Why are job simulations such a prevalent assessment method in hiring? There are a couple of reasons. Job simulations provide many advantages for the recruiting team, including being better at predicting future job performance than other hiring assessments and offering a greater degree of fairness and less risk of bias in hiring. They have many advantages for candidates, too. Job simulations help candidates develop real insight into the job and whether they are good at and like to do it. Research with more than one hundred thousand job applicants revealed that candidates who experienced job simulations had 25% higher satisfaction with the hiring process.What can you expect with a modern job simulation? Modern Hire’s pre-employment assessments create a multimedia experience that allows you to try a series of tasks and job-related exercises. You will get a preview of the job and the opportunity to demonstrate your job-related skills. Many job simulations are virtual so that you can complete them from your home or another convenient location.
  2. Asynchronous or on-demand video interviews. With these hiring assessments, the interview questions are recorded on video in advance. Candidates are invited to participate using the hiring technology platform to get the questions and record video answers. All candidates need to respond is an internet connection, webcam, and screen, so they can participate using a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. Some companies will allow candidates to re-record the answers to questions if they are not satisfied the first time around. Others limit the recording to just once. With on-demand video interviews, candidates may encounter questions asked via a video recording, audio recording, or written text. They will also be directed to respond in one of these modes. Employers can include information that will give candidates insight into the company culture and work experience.The on-demand video interview assessment method is a convenient way to interview since you can participate from any location at a time that fits the candidate’s schedule. And here’s something you might not expect: it’s fun. Ninety-seven percent of candidates who complete a Modern Hire on-demand interview say it was a fun experience.
  3. Integrated on-demand video interviews and job simulations. Enterprise hiring platforms like Modern Hire combine these assessment methods for hiring to create faster, more accessible experiences for candidates. You can complete these hiring steps all at once using the same technology.
  4. Live phone interviews. This is an enhancement to the traditional phone interview assessment method in hiring. At the core is a live telephone interview, but you participate using the hiring platform technology, which may have additional features like convenient self-scheduling for candidate interviews and the ability to submit a resume and other required information. As with the on-demand video interview assessment method, candidates can participate using mobile phones, personal computers, or tablets.
  5. Live video interviews. This assessment method is similar to an on-site interview but conducted virtually. It allows candidates to meet recruiters and hiring managers face-to-face virtually without having to travel or even take a half-day off of work. You may simultaneously participate in a live video interview with a single interviewer or a panel with several interviewers. That is one of the benefits of this assessment method – it can reduce the number of interviews needed before a hiring decision is reached. Preparing for a live video interview is also similar to preparing for an on-site interview. For tips on video interviewing virtually like a pro, check out our blog article.

Organizations that post open jobs may use one or more of these assessment methods for hiring as they seek to create a seamless virtual experience that is consistent for all candidates. These assessment methods are designed to showcase a candidate’s skill and allows the candidate to participate in a hiring process that is informative, convenient, and fair.