What is Modern Interview Management?

   |    4 minutes read

Nov 29, 2018

Recruiters are managing interviews differently these days – they have to. Traditional hiring workflows are outdated in our online, mobile world, and they don’t align with modern candidates’ preferences for digital hiring interactions. Modern interview management is a new, single-solution technology-enabled approach to talent acquisition that facilitates a more personalized, branded candidate experience and accelerates hiring.

How does modern interview management work?

Interviews don’t happen in a vacuum. They’re interconnected with the entire hiring workflow. Recruiters use modern interviewing technologies to manage every stage of the hiring workflow to make the hiring experience seamless, fast, and convenient for candidates. Mature interviewing platforms integrate automated scheduling, on-demand text, on-demand interviews and assessments, live interviews, and AI-enabled recruiting assistant in a single solution that improves efficiency and reduces hiring process complexity for TA teams. Interview management with an interviewing platform transforms the hiring experience for all – candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.

What are the different types of interviews to manage?
On-demand text interviews

 A modern hiring workflow might start with an on-demand text interview to verify candidates meet basic job qualifications such as having a valid driver’s license, availability to work certain hours or shifts, or ability to lift a minimum number of pounds. Candidates can answer these questions quickly and easily on their mobile device.

On-demand voice and video interviews

From there, candidates who meet basic requirements can be invited by an AI-enabled recruiting assistant directly into an on-demand video or voice interview. These interviews can also be completed on a mobile device. Candidates can, and often do, participate in on-demand text, voice and video interviews the same or next day.

Integrated interviews and assessments

More companies are using candidate assessments and behavioral interviews to evaluate talent. Their use contributes to more informed hiring decisions, but it can also stretch out the hiring process. Some interviewing platforms now integrate assessments with on-demand video interviews to create a seamless, fast and convenient experience for candidates.

Live interviews

Recruiters can review, evaluate and share the recorded interviews with hiring managers immediately after they’re submitted by candidates. They can collaborate on selecting the candidates they’d like to meet in person, either via live video interview or on-premise interviews. Either way, automated scheduling can help with interview management in this step.

This is just one example of interview management with single-solution technology. With a mature interviewing platform, recruiters have the flexibility to tailor the workflow for each position and expected candidate volume. In a status quo workflow, this process could take a week or several weeks, so interview management can significantly increase speed-to-hire.

What are the benefits of interview management?
  • It facilitates a seamless, accelerated hiring process that eliminates many of the delays candidates experience in traditional hiring.
  • Workflows tailored to the position create a more personalized hiring experience for candidates.
  • Recruiters can devote more time to candidate interaction since interview management automates many of the administrative and repetitive recruiting tasks.
  • Interview management reduces the number of interviews needed by helping recruiters understand more about a candidate from the initial interviews. The recorded aspect of on-demand interviews means recruiters and hiring managers can go back and review candidates in-depth without having to call them back for an unnecessary interview, which delivers a better candidate experience.
  • Interview management increase hiring process consistency, a key goal in diversity hiring.
Why is technology-enabled interview management important?

Modern interview management can help TA teams respond to the most severe skills and talent shortage in recent history. By accelerating hiring and facilitating a more personalized, branded hiring experience, it helps TA teams move beyond status quo to create a competitive edge in hiring.

It can also impact your bottom line. Research indicates that a better candidate experience can increase job offer acceptance, advocacy and even result in higher sales, all of which support the organization’s financial performance. All aspects of interview management contribute to creating that positive and distinctive candidate experience.

In addition, interview management allows recruiters be more strategic. Recruiters are asked to manage so many aspects of hiring, from working with high candidate volume and managing TA service delivery internally to data reporting and providing a positive candidate experience. To be strategic, recruiters need more time, period. Interview management helps them increase their efficiency with the administrative and repetitive tasks, so they can use their relationship-building skills more often and for better overall TA value.

How does interview management affect hiring managers?

Hiring manager collaboration is the other side of the hiring equation recruiters have to sort out. Interview management solutions can make it easy, fast and convenient for hiring managers to have greater involvement in the interviewing process. Recruiters use video interview technology to meet with hiring team in advance to agree on what they’re looking for in the ideal candidates. This step is becoming more important since with the talent shortage, companies are shifting the emphasis more toward attitudes and behaviors and less on competency.

Why is a single solution better for interview management?

With all of the moving parts in the workflow and hiring complexity in large enterprise organizations, a single solution can help ensure two primary goals of interview management are met: Accelerating hiring and delivery a positive candidate experience. Too many vendors or systems can create a disjointed hiring experience and add to the complexity of recruiters jobs, which ultimately reduces efficiency.

Equally important is the opportunity to leverage AI technologies. Advanced interviewing solutions integrate AI-enabled virtual recruiting assistants and unbiased candidate review to elevate recruiters ability to meet modern TA challenges with success.

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