What is Automated Recruiting?

   |    3 minutes read

Oct 02, 2018

Recruiters may find it hard to keep pace with high candidate volume and the speed of business today if they’re still using a traditional approach to talent acquisition. Automated recruiting brings TA into the digital age with technology that enables faster, smarter, better hiring. Solutions like purpose-built interviewing software are proven to increase recruiter efficiency and speed-to-hire. With automated recruiting, TA teams can put more of their time and energy into creating the ideal candidate experience.

How automated recruiting elevates TA

Innovative applications can assist recruiters with many of the administrative and repetitive activities that take their time away from interacting with candidates. Enterprise organizations are using automated recruiting to do the heavy lifting in these areas:

  • Scheduling interviews. Automated scheduling applications take this very time-intensive task off the recruiters plate and make interview coordination a fast, simple and convenient experience for all involved, including candidates and hiring team members.
  • Scoring pre-qualification interviews. AI-driven virtual assistants score the on-demand text interviews used by recruiters as a pre-qualification step, bringing candidates who meet basic job requirements (such as having a valid driver’s license or being able to lift 20 pounds) to the recruiters attention faster so they can prioritize the talent pool more efficiently.
  • Decision-making informed by analytics. TA teams are integrating predictive analytics with the hiring process in varied ways to generate data points that can inform decision-making and lead to smarter hiring. The ability to leverage data at this level is not available to TA teams without automated recruiting.
  • Keeping candidates informed. Recruiters are using hiring technology to increase transparency in the hiring process, keeping candidates up to date on their status and managing their expectations for next steps. Higher-levels of communication and transparency supported by automated recruiting lead to greater candidate satisfaction with the hiring experience.
Does automated recruiting change the role of recruiters?

It can. A recruiters job is to be the organization’s front line in TA, building relationships with candidates and speaking up about their company’s employer brand. Automated recruiting empowers recruiters to spend more of their time on these strategic activities while still getting the administrative work done. They’re using the skills they were hired for more of each day to bring top talent in the door.

Does automated recruiting improve the candidate experience?

It can improve the candidate experience in at least two ways.

  1. Recruiting technologies such as video interviewing software modernize the hiring process, making it faster, easier and more convenient for candidates to participate. Candidates can take advantage of text interviews, on-demand interviews, automated scheduling, and combined on-demand video interviews and hiring assessments with their mobile phones from any location at a time that works for them. Many of the inconveniences, delays and stress of traditional hiring approaches are eliminated by automated recruiting.
  2. Recruiting technologies enable TA teams to have a sharper focus on the human aspects of hiring. When they use automated recruiting at strategic points in their workflow, they gain more time to share their organization and employer brand with candidates, and enhance the hiring experience with a more personal touch.
What are the risks?

There’s little to no risk for TA teams which choose proven automated recruiting technologies that either replace manual or administrative tasks or are designed to enhance decision-making in hiring, not make them. However, some AI-enabled applications have been introduced while still in the early stages of development. Implementing technologies which have not gained marketplace acceptance can pose a risk.

Is automated recruiting driven by a single technology?

There are hundreds of different hiring applications and platforms on the market. Some are niche applications that do a single task, like automated scheduling. Others, including some video interviewing platforms, integrate many applications. Niche applications may sound like a simpler path, but in the long run, a single application-rich solution that can solve multiple TA challenges will provide more ROI, especially for large enterprise organizations with a range of hiring needs as well as companies anticipating the need to scale up their TA. A single solution provides better value since

  • Recruiters don’t have to learn and manage multiple applications and tech compliance
  • Recruiters gain efficiencies when they can use the same platform and data entered throughout the hiring process. Some purpose-built video interviewing platforms integrate seamlessly with major ATS and calendaring systems.
  • Candidate have a consistent, branded and seamless experience as they advance in the hiring process
Future of automated recruiting

As the role of TA leaders evolves to become that of strategic business advisor, they need their teams to perform at a higher level. Automated recruiting is vital for recruiters who need to do it all – deliver the ideal candidate experience, spend more of their day wooing talent, and ensure the administrative aspects of hiring continue to run smoothly.

To discover more about interviewing platforms that drive smarter decision-making and closer engagement with modern candidates, download Getting a Handle on Artificial Intelligence in Hiring.