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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

What is an Intelligent Interview?

The job interview has been the core of the hiring process since hiring began. Prior to the 1980s, most interviews were a simple conversation – subjective, unscientific, and inconsistent from candidate to candidate. Science and technology advanced over the years to increase interview effectiveness, but as late as 2018, 63% of recruiters and hiring managers believed interviews were ineffective for assessing candidates’ soft skills, and 42% recognized the inherent bias in traditional interviews. That was according to LinkedIn’s 2018 Global Recruiting Trends, which accurately predicted innovation in interviewing was coming. It missed the mark on timing.

Fast forward five years to now, and interviewing has advanced to next-level performance. The intelligent interview combines trusted science and proven technology to enable candidates, recruiters and hiring managers to have more meaningful, productive and efficient hiring conversations.

What is an intelligent interview?

Modern Hire’s intelligent interviewing uses data, science and next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the objectivity, efficiency, performance and experience of interviews.

Modern Hire’s AI is applied to interview questions through:


  • Automated Interview Creator – a tool hiring teams use to build interviews with proven science. AIC is a robust library of interview questions rigorously developed by Modern Hire’s team of I-O scientists plus an AI search engine that identifies the ideal library questions for specific jobs. Using AIC to build science-based, standardized interviews is as easy as providing the job title, and AIC will return questions with behaviorally anchored rating scales. AIC is available for more than 50,000 job titles.
  • Automated Interview Scoring – a tool that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to assess a transcript of the candidate’s interview responses and provide either a recommended score or ranked recommendations. AIS can be used in place of human interview raters to boost efficiency and performance when hiring teams have a large volume of interviews to review. It can also be used in addition to human raters, when hiring teams want a place to start. AIS is available in 30 languages and dialects to support hiring worldwide.

Hiring teams can use intelligent interviewing for on-demand and live interviews.

How does using Modern Hire’s AI improve interviewing for hiring teams?

The application of NLP to candidates’ interview responses is a breakthrough for hiring on many fronts:


  • AIS is proven to be 3x less biased than human raters, so right away hiring teams have a fairer and more objective process.
  • AIS effectively uses the entire 1-5 ratings scale, in contrast to human raters who tend to use the middle of the scale more often. AIS differentiates among candidates against job-specific competencies, providing data that’s predictive of job fit.
  • AIS is efficient and scalable to large talent pools. There’s no rater slowdown or fatigue after the first few reviews.

With AIS, hiring teams can quickly prioritize the candidates to shortlist.

Does Modern Hire’s intelligent interview improve hiring for candidates?

That’s a resounding yes. Candidates benefit from more objective and efficient interviewing, plus they’re able to share their experiences and enthusiasm in their own words more often. Few multiple-choice questions means candidates can tell their story their way in a more personalized and satisfying experience.

It’s also important to note that before the start of every interview, candidates receive a Use of AI consent form that explains in plain language how AI is used to score their responses. Candidates are not pressured into opting in, and if they decide to opt out, they experience the same interview as all other candidates. The difference is in the evaluation, where their interviews are scored manually rather than with AIS.

Part of the Modern Hire intelligent hiring platform

Intelligent interviewing is integrated in the Modern Hire platform to create superior, mobile-first and interactive hiring experiences for candidates. Modern Hire helps hiring teams quickly and confidently move candidates through the hiring process while eliminating administrative headaches with workflow automation.

You can see a demo of Modern Hire’s intelligent interviewing right now by viewing our latest webinar, Next-Level Hiring in 2023: The Intelligent Interview.