What are Recruiters Saying About Video Interviewing?

When organizations implement video interviewing software, recruiters are typically the principal users of the technology. Now that a majority of large enterprise organizations have integrated these platforms in their hiring workflows, recruiters have a lot to say about the technology and their experience with it. Recruiters who participated in LinkedIn’s 2018 Global Recruiting Trends study named video interviewing to the list of Most Useful Interviewing Innovations.

Recruiters’ Comments on Purpose-Built Interviewing Software

In our partnerships with global organizations, including 100 of the Fortune 500, Modern Hire works directly with recruiters. Here’s what recruiters and TA leaders are saying about purpose-built video interviewing:

“Over the past four weeks, I’ve had 48 people self-schedule and interview with me. That’s 48 people that I know purposefully applied for my job and want to take the next step. Previously, myself and another recruiter might spend 4 hours making those 48 phone calls and only reach 10 people. This is so much more efficient.” CORPORATE RECRUITER GLOBAL HOTEL AND RESORT COMPANY

“With recorded interviews, we’re not only able to offer more flexibility to hiring teams and candidates, we’re also cutting back time spent in round one interviews alone. The resulting time savings is incredible – with substantial added benefit of improved experience.” – TALENT ACQUISITION DIRECTOR, NATIONAL HEALTH INSURER

“Our recruiters’ time and energy isn’t spent going from campus to campus to campus, but on the front end pushing the brand and getting people to apply. We actually get more candidates this way, and better candidates as well.” – OPERATIONS MANAGER FOR TALENT MANAGEMENT, MULTINATIONAL PLUMBING WHOLESALER

“I joke with my VP that we interview while we sleep. After sending the invites, we come in the next morning and have 30-70 completed interviews to review. We can quickly identify about half of those people to submit to our hiring managers. It speeds up the process, and it’s fun, too.” – ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF TALENT OPERATIONS, UNIVERSITY RESEARCH AND HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATION

Gaining the Ability to Eliminate Bottlenecks

In Jobvite’s Recruiter Nation report, recruiters said the biggest bottlenecks are caused by hiring managers moving candidates through the hiring stages (56%) and hiring managers reviewing resumes (43%). Purpose-built interviewing technology helps alleviate these pain points:

  • When recruiters forward on-demand interviews to their hiring managers, managers are able to review candidates quickly in their office, on the road, from a manufacturing or hospital floor – virtually anywhere, via smartphone or tablet. On-demand interview applications give hiring managers deeper insight into a slate of candidates who’ve answered all of the same questions in a consistent interview format.
  • Recruiters can accelerate hiring managers’ interviews by using live, virtual one-on-one or panel interviews with video interviewing software. Hiring managers participate from any location.
  • Recruiters use automated scheduling and virtual recruiting assistant applications to make it simple and convenient for hiring managers to get interviews on their calendar.

As one Modern Hire client notes,

“Our hiring managers want to get better. The way they did it 10 years ago is different from how we need to do it today. Not just because the candidates are different, but because the way we do business is different. They’re looking for opportunities, tricks and tools that help them be more effective managers. They are now connecting the reality: If I hire better, I’ll be more successful in my role.” – DIRECTOR OF HUMAN CAPITAL CLIENT SERVICES OPERATIONS, FINANCIAL SERVICES ORGANIZATION

In the Jobvite research cited above, 40% of recruiters indicated improving time to hire is a high priority. By eliminating bottlenecks and streamlining processes, video interviewing platforms help recruiters cut up to two weeks from the hiring cycle.

What recruiters worry about

Are Recruiters Worrying About Automation of Their Role?

Within the last two to three years, the idea that automation technologies could replace employees has been explored extensively by media. So what do recruiters think? Most do not seem concerned. According to Jobvite’s Automation Nation report, 49% of recruiters have a positive attitude about automation and artificial intelligence (AI) with respect to their jobs, and another 42% are indifferent. It’s telling that the #1 task recruiters would most like to see automated is scheduling, an administrative duty that many purpose-built interviewing technologies can cover with an integrated application.

Does Video Interviewing Help Recruiters Create a Better Candidate Experience?

Most companies participating in the Talent Board’s Candidate Experience Award and Benchmark Program think so. In the Talent Board’s most recent research, 70% of employers have video interviewing in place, and the remaining 30% are considering it within the year. In fact, video interviewing technology is a top-five recruiting technology investment in 2017-2018.

National health insurance provider, Humana, has won multiple Candidate Experience awards. They recently designed a process that enables recruiters to offer nurse candidates a faster, better hiring experience with video interviewing software. According to Humana’s Talent Acquisition Director, “From a candidate experience perspective, it’s a huge win. I go through the process in a matter of days, I speak to everyone involved, I know the next day whether I have an offer or not.”

To learn more about the better candidate experience recruiters are providing with video interviewing software, skim the case study.